Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rope, Part Three

Read part two here:

The crowd started to move around me, like a pack of wolves, circling a lamb.  Of course, in this situation, the lamb was a freshly fucked slut with no name.  Yes, that was me, and that was exactly how I thought of myself at that moment.  It wasn’t humbling, or even something that I was proud of it was simply a flat fact.  In the same way I was a woman, I had dark hair, and water is wet, I was a slut for this group.  My name also seemed like an odd artifact of my old life, something I was no longer attached to personally.  My training had taken care of that.

My rope ties had stayed tight, and it was my suit now.  It was made of rope, but did not limit my mobility in the least.  It also kept all my holes completely available for all the men and women in attendance.  As they approached I knew that all of these men would soon be inside me, and many of them would release completely inside me, filling me up.  I looked at the women and found most of them, even the ones that were dominant in their relationships, were stripping off what they were wearing.  At this I was getting even more wet in my lower lips, and licking my upper ones.

I looked over at Vicky and the Mistress of the Willow and saw that they were quite engaged with each other.  I knew that monogamy was not part of the code of the Willow, and I would certainly have a chance to be with Vicky again soon, but for tonight, it was best for them to be together. It would prove to everyone that I was a slut, and a slut for the entire group.  I was not holding a torch for Vicky or any one person in the group.  The group is the only thing I would be exclusive with from now on.

A couple women now wrapped their arms around me, pulling at my ties, knowing not to try to tear them free.  Everyone had known what my costume would be beforehand, and I was certain that before the night was over, my ropes would be used quite well.  

I was forced to my knees and started to use my mouth on every cock and pussy that came within a distance.  I was cheered on as I dutifully sucked cock and looked straight into their eyes as I sucked whenever requested.  A few women asked if I liked being the fucktoy for the Willow tonight, to which I replied that I was hoping to be that for every night, for the rest of my life.  

I was put on my hands and knees and five of the guys lined up behind me, and five women lined up in front of me. As I licked and drank what was before me, I slammed my pussy against whatever was penetrating me, eager to feel that familiar burst of cum erupt inside me.  That was my reward for a job well done, a shot of cum which sent tiny shockwaves inside my pussy.  Once one was done, another one would quickly take his place and I lost no energy in the transfer.  

My reward for a job well done from the women in front of me was quite a different story.  There, I took as long as I needed, each woman was tended to not just by my mouth, but by the mouths of two of her friends, one on each side taking in a breast.  Having three independent suckers was sheer ecstasy for any woman that tried it, however, it took a bit longer for each one to start writhing.  Of course, when they were writhing, none of the women took that as a cue to stop, but to simply double down.  Each woman had to crawl away from three eager mouths, before taking a break and then participating on being a mouth themselves.

The constant string of attention behind me was nice, but that part of me was approaching it’s limit.  Not that I was too concerned about my own pleasure (the men had already given me three orgasms just from their participation), but I knew that I was naturally less inclined to help them get me off if I was done.  

I turned to face the rest of the men, and started sucking with my mouth again.   I was much more enthusiastic in this position for now, and my pussy was getting a nice, well-deserved break.  Cum was dribbling down my thigh, and I knew that if I was going to give it a rest, I had to be an excellent cocksucker for these last guys.

I tried my best to give extra and special attention to each man as they were before me.  I focused completely on pleasing him, and when he was close to cumming I cupped his balls and didn’t release until I felt him erupt.  The first one did make me gag a bit, but the next five went down like a glass of milk.  I was doing so well at swallowing, that one man actually had to force me off his cock as he was close.  I looked at him confused and concerned I had done something wrong, but then he released all over me.  He smiled broadly and told me, “Wear that all night, sweetie.”

I was finally brought to my feet and led to the rear of the hall, where various ropes hung from a the top of an iron cage.  In my haze, and post orgasmic bliss, I was not even aware of exactly who was attaching these ropes to what I was wearing, which acted as the perfect harness.  Before I knew it, I was suspended above the floor, with additional ropes keeping my ankles and wrists as far apart as they had ever been.

Across the room, I saw Vicky and Mistress sitting up, making out in their post orgasmic bliss, and I knew that I had succeeded in my test.  All the fucking and screwing I had been through, the two dozen partners I had just experienced was just icing on the cake for the group, they needed to make sure that I was making a real and conscious decision in favor of the group and against being only with Vicky.  

As I hung there, floating, the men and women I had just served regained their energy and joined me in my weightless state.  More hands, cocks, pussies and ropes enveloped me and I took it all and wanted even more.  As my mind whirled, I looked outside through an open window, and saw the weeping willow which had touched me so gently in my transit, and suddenly I was there again.

But this time, I was not on the raft, but a natural part of the tree.  The lines between where my arms ended and the branches of the tree began were blurred, and I swayed with the branches as my limbs were all at once the limbs of the tree and being held by the tree.  Pure bliss washed over me as I was fucked mercilessly, with more mouths and cum all over and inside me.  I was part of the Willow and the Willow was a part of me.

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