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Birdie's Contract, Part Two

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It was three days later on a Tuesday that I came back from work and found Vince and Tatiana at the kitchen table, with a few papers between them.  If I didn’t know them better, I would have guessed they were an old married couple, looking over their finances.  I stopped dead in my tracks, and was a bit surprised.

“Tatiana,” I said.   “What brings you around here?”

“Oh, honey, you don’t really need to be here for this, it’s all preliminary stuff,”  Vince explained as Tatiana giggled a bit.  “We’re just coming to some terms that we can all live with when it comes to what you’ll do at Tatiana’s house.”
“Terms?” I asked.  “I thought it was just...”

“Well,” Tatiana started, “Vince brought up some good points that it was really best to get everything out in the open as to what you could be expected to do, and what was off limits.  Like, I heard that he had already laid out some plans as to what you would be doing at my apartment next time.  Isn’t that right, Evelyn?”

I nodded.  “Yes, that’s right.”

“And,” Tatiana continued, “you didn’t just think I would be watching you writhe naked on my couch and not do anything, now do you?  After all, I’m only human, and I’m glad Vince recognizes that.  That’s why we’re going through the paperwork now.”

I was a bit taken aback by all this progress.  Were they really producing documents and agreeing on what I would be doing sexually at Tatiana’s house?  Would I have any say in this matter, to accept or reject these terms, or did Vince and Tatiana really think that whatever they agreed on would go?

“Tatiana,” I said, “this is quite unusual.  After all, we are friends...”

“And that will have to change, Evelyn.  Vince and I worked it out that we should not consider each other friends, since friends usually indicates an equal relationship.  I will be instructing you on some very intimate matters, and it is something far more than friendship, but at the same time, you are straight, and you are Vince’s girl.”

Vince smiled broadly.  “It’s all out in the open this way, trust me, it’s for the best.”

I bit my nail in agitation, and sat at the table, wondering what they were discussing on the other side.  I had given this free reign to Vince, and these were simply the consequences of that, but I was still very worried about what all this would mean.  “So, you’ll touch me, Tatiana?  Is that what you want to do?”

“Well, yes, but it’s not just about what I want, it’s about what is acceptable for Vince, me, and you, in that order.”  Tatiana smiled, as if she was explaining the benefits of term life insurance.  “And that is how the order works, Vince, as your husband will always get ultimate veto power, in his absence, you’ll look to me for guidance, and then without the two of us, you’ll be on your own.”

My heart raced a bit, at the thought of Tatiana touching me, and directing me at her house.  Our talks over wine and dinner were always a bit more sexual in nature, but now, I was expected to allow her to direct me and even touch me.  Vince and Tatiana could sense I needed just a bit more coaching to get through my agitation.

“Listen, honey,” Tatiana said, “how about you go upstairs and put a robe on?  For Vince and me?”

Without another word I went upstairs and did as Tatiana suggested.  As I undressed, I looked at my figure in the mirror.  I was already a little apprehensive about staying fit and sexy for my husband, but now I had to do it for Tatiana as well?  What if what they wanted were two totally different things?

I got down to my white panties and stopped there, figuring that was enough and put on my silk robe.  It came to just above my knees and was Vince’s favorite.  I walked downstairs hoping it was Tatiana’s favorite as well.

Tatiana smiled broadly.  “Wow, you were right Vince, she does take direction well.  We were just discussing a cute little pet name for you, Evelyn.”

I blushed, as I sat at the kitchen table, my legs crossed.  “Well, I don’t know, Vince has some names that he likes...”

“Right,” Tatiana said, “and I don’t want to take any of those away from him, or your future marriage, so how about ‘Birdie’?  Do you like that, Birdie?”

I blushed, unable to respond.  Tatiana was certainly talking down to me, but in this context it felt so natural.  I decided that it was far too late to put up any resistance.  I nodded, consenting for this woman, who used to be known as my friend to talk down to me whenever we would meet.  “And what should I call you, Tatiana?”

Tatiana stared at me with those piercing green eyes and gave the word, “Mistress.”  Of course, it’s a proper name, and the only name I have for her now, but the way she said that single word wrapped it up as a noun and verbal command all into one.  My head spun as I thought about everything that she would be having me do when we met, and my heart pounded as I contemplated that Vince was giving his blessing.  We were not even married yet, and already he had taken me as his possession, and even went so far as to loan me out to another.  The modern side of me was in a struggle with this new emerging submissive side, and I smiled as I recognized the latter side’s victory over the former.

“Oh, and our meetings will get a bit more frequent,” Tatiana continued.  “While we’ve had a meeting about twice a month previously, which was largely dependent on what you felt like, now, we will be having a meeting four times a month, with me picking you up each Saturday morning.  I also reserve the right to move our meeting day to an earlier day in the week, with at least a one week warning, or cancel altogether without warning.  That’s what we’ve already gone over and is decided.”

Vince looked over at me, hoping that he had not crossed any line, and I gave my tacit approval.  Tatiana was not one to do anything half-way, and while Vince had a planning streak, Tatiana was a planning monster.  Nothing would ever be left to chance under her watch, and I felt safe that sh would be taking care of all the details.

“Now, let’s see you, Birdie,” Tatiana said.  “Stand up and open up the robe.”

My eyes grew wide in fear as I remembered that I had failed to completely disrobe, but I still did as I was asked and opened the robe, revealing my breasts and panties to Vince and Tatiana.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Tatiana scolded.  “I don’t have any corporal punishment rights, not yet anyway, but I also can’t have you bending and breaking rules like this.”

“I’m sorry, Tat...I mean Mistress,” I said.  I was quick to correct myself and I could tell that this pleased Tatiana.  

“Sorry doesn’t correct the mistake, Birdie.”  I quickly reached down and slid my panties down, kicking them off to the side.  I then parted my robe again, so both Vince and my new mistress could see my complete form.

“Very good, Birdie.”

The robe quickly came off and I was given a run down of all the rules and regulations that would soon become second nature to me.  Permission not granted to me, was permission denied.  Day to day decisions, for example, what to eat at lunch or wear in the morning, would be left to me, but if I ever felt like a decision should be settled by a higher authority, I would first have to call Vince, and he would either decide or send me to Tatiana for review.  It took some weeks to work out what these tough decisions were, but now I can recognize them coming a mile away.

My dress at home and at Tatiana’s place was reduced drastically, and my comfort or discomfort would not be taken into consideration.  As Tatiana put it, I was to be decoration, and just as a chair does not have a say in upholstery, I would have no say in what I would wear.  I was not to argue or question whatever Vince or Tatiana put me in, and I was to put my entire trust in their decisions.  My heart pounded as I consented to this, but I knew this rule was key to being a good submissive for both Vince and Tatiana.

Next, my sexual activity would obviously be completely up to Vince and Tatiana, and only they would decide and tell me when I would engage in sexual activity and with whom.  There were no additional details given about this, but I knew that there would now be no refusing any offers or suggestions that Tatiana would make, although that power would once again be up to Vince.

Finally, the term of the contract was set to initially be for three months, as a trial period, and renewed annually thereafter.  All this was signed off by Vince and Tatiana, and I witnessed them shaking hands, as if I was just a piece of property.  Not once, nor during any renewal in the years that followed would I be asked about the details, nor the expansion of privileges.  

I was now Birdie for Tatiana and Vince, and was expected to follow whatever they agreed on.  When Tatiana left that evening I showed her to the door, still fully nude, and turned around to face Vince once she had left.

“So,” I said with a wide smile.  “I guess that’s that for Birdie.”  

“Are you sure you’re up for it?” Vince asked again.  I could tell that I still had an out at this point, but I also knew that out was closing quickly.  Deep down, I knew that I wanted it to close.

“Of course, we’ll try it out for three months, and see if we want to renew later.”

That was four years and three months ago. I raced home and pulled into the driveway, turning off the engine and closing the garage as quickly as I could.  It was a Friday, and the weekend stretched out in front of me, thousands of possibilities racing through my head.  Mistress had been vague intentionally, she never lets her messages to me spoil any surprises.

I double-checked the text message again, and realized there were no further instructions, but I knew that every contract renewal was special, that something was awaiting for me.

I opened the door to find Vince and Mistress at the kitchen table again, papers spread out in front of them.  Predictably the contract was a bit thicker this year and more rules, regulations, collars, costumes, and chores for me were laid out inside.  

“I see you’re still discussing things, I guess I’ll just leave you two.”

“Yes, Birdie, but be a dear, and go put on your robe.”  I started to walk to the stairs with a spring in my step.  This time, I certainly would not make any rookie mistake and keep my panties.  She had instructed just the robe, and I knew that was all she wanted.

As I started to climb the steps, I looked across the way and into the living room.  A new piece of furniture was there, clumsily hidden behind a couch.  I peered closer and recognized it to be a large kennel cage, something to hold a very large dog, and keep her in her place.  The bars were vertical and looked to be iron, the top and bottom looked to be finished wood.  Most likely it took all afternoon for Vince and Mistress to put it together.

I ascended the staircase, smiling at the knowledge that due to Vince’s allergies, we were definitely not getting a dog.

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