Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I arrived at Demona’s house a bit nervous.  We had only briefly spoken on the phone, and shared countless messages online, and she had always been a kind ear to lay my guts out to.  Although I’m a proud atheist, and she’s a self-proclaimed psychic, we became fast friends, and filled the hole that Kate had left in my life.  Kate had been perfect for me and now she was gone from my life, and I just didn’t know what was left.

Demona, at first, was a bit curious about my relationship with Kate, and I relished in telling her all the details.  I had a feeling that most if not all of Demona’s clients had been straight men and women and so the idea of two women probably excited her senses a bit.  However, after I told her about how hard it was for me to cope with the break up, she had been very professional with me.  She referred me to her online appointment book and I quickly scheduled a session with her.  Although I did not believe one word about her being psychic, I was also out of options.  Traditional psychology had done nothing for me, and I was afraid that if I carried this grief along with me too long my grades in my last year of college would suffer.

I arrived at the house, and she greeted me at the door.  I guess I had expected a gypsy woman in a long flowing robe to emerge, but what I got was a very different thing altogether.  Demona wore very casual jeans and a simple cotton top.  A red bra was visible through the fabric, but it was nothing overtly sexual or revealing.  She would have blended in at the local supermarket with any other career woman getting groceries.  She was only in her late thirties, and judging from the house, the psychic business was doing well.

“Hi, you must be Ashley,” Demona said, shaking my hand.  I must have given away my surprise by my face.  “You were expecting something different, right?”

I laughed, “You must be psychic.”

She laughed at my joke, and lead me to the kitchen.  She explained that while for some clients she would put on quite the show, she knew that I would not be fooled by such “parlor tricks” (her words, not mine.)  I was relieved that I wouldn’t have to humor her, and from our messaging online, I got the feeling that she actually understood me, in a way that no therapist that I had seen had even tried to.

When our tea was done, she reached into a cupboard and pulled out a small green bottle.  The lettering etched down the side of it, simply said “Normal”.  She placed it before me on the table.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“Well, I know that crystal balls and tarot cards are not your thing, but this is something I just had to try.  This is a normalization potion I made for you, and basically it just evens out your feelings for Kate.”

I thought about it, contemplating the bottle.  It just had a simple cork in it, and I knew that anything could be in there.  “If you’re thinking it’s laced with something, just remember, I could have done something to the tea too!”

I giggled, and realized this was the second time Demona had demonstrated some intuition about what I was thinking.  I wouldn’t call it a psychic ability of course, just very intuitive.  “What does it do?” I asked.

“It makes you fall in love with the first person,” she smiled broadly. “I’m just kidding, it just makes you more open to possibilities for a period of time.  See, Kate was your love, your first love, but that is over now, and you just need to realize there’s more out there.  Heartbreak is normal, but you’re only twenty-one, your life is not exactly over, it’s just beginning.  Take this to find out how exciting your normal life, without Kate, can really be.”

I uncorked the top and declared, “Here goes nothing,” drinking the contents in one swig.  It had a berry flavor to it, and a pungent aftertaste, but after a sip of tea the flavor was gone.  I looked around, and didn’t feel any different, and so I said, “It doesn’t work, everything’s the same, and I still miss Kate a bit.”

Demona took a sip of her tea.  “So impatient, just let it do its stuff.  And remember, what you are feeling is completely Normal.”

She said the word normal very deliberately, hanging on each syllable.  “Why did you say it like that?”  I asked, but I realized that I was getting a bit warm.  “Oh, I think, something is happening,” I said.  I knew I wasn’t drunk, and I had even experimented with psychedelics in the past, and this was something different.

“What you’re feeling is Normal, and it’s working,” Demona insisted.  Now I saw that Normal was a proper name for her.  My senses were heightened, and I looked at Demona up and down a bit. I quickly realized I may be seen as leering, and so I roped it in a bit, but then I resigned to my intention and looked again.

“I’m Normal too,” Demona said.  “In fact, being with me is as Normal as you can get, Ashley.”

I was feeling uncomfortably warm at that moment, and I looked around for a thermostat, that was obviously turned up.  “Ashley, are you looking for something?”

“No,” I replied, “it’s just, a little warm in here.”  I started tugging at my shirt and realized that it felt about a size too tight on me, hugging me uncomfortably in all the wrong places.  My jeans also felt just as tight, and it did not help they were the “skinny” style, which clung to me under normal circumstances.  My bra and panties also felt like bondage ropes against my skin, and I was fighting every instinct to rip them off.

“Ashley, be honest, tell me what you’re feeling. Remember, it’s all completely normal.”

“Well,” I sighed, “I don’t think this is.  I kind of want to take off my clothes right now.”

“Oh,” Demona said.  “Well, that’s fine, you can go home and do that.”

“No,” I said, correcting her. “I feel that I have to do that here, but I’m not sure why.  Is that crazy, or more Normal, as you would say?”

Demona smiled and said, “Very Normal indeed.  Go upstairs and into the bathroom. I’ll be up in a couple minutes.”

I raced upstairs and went into the bathroom, and looked at myself in the mirror.  I looked into my eyes to make sure that my pupils weren’t dilated, or something wasn’t amiss.  However, after a quick inspection, I returned to the task at hand and started removing my clothes.  My shoes first, then my jeans and panties came down.  My shirt next, and finally my bra completed my denuding, and I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled.

There was a gentle rapping at the bathroom door, and Demona’s voice was behind it.  “Place your clothes in the hamper, and then hand the hamper to me.”

I did as I was told, and opened the door to Demona, waiting outside.  I felt no shame or modesty standing there completely naked handing her my clothes in the small hamper. “Great, I’ll put these in the wash for you.”

“Thank you!”

“How are you feeling?” she asked.  “Feeling strange?”

“No,” I said.  “I feel better now than I have all week, so normal.”

“What would you like to do after I put these in the wash?”

I hesitated a bit, but looked towards the master bedroom.  “This is kind of embarrassing, but,” I started.

“No, don’t be embarrassed.  Remember, everything is normal.”

“Ok, well, I feel we need to make love,” I said.  “Sorry if that’s not what you want to do, but I think it’s time.”

Demona smiled.  “Get into the bed, and wait for me.”  I did as I was told again, and hopped into the bed.  Demona returned, and her shirt and jeans were off, revealing a very tight body, wearing just a red bra and matching red bikini panties.
“Ashley, you said you and I need to make love.  Is that different than just sex for you?”

“Oh yes,” I replied. I was being so open with Demona that I found it impossible to hold anything back from her.  “Making love is something I’ve only done with Kate, so far.  I’ve had sex with others, but making love is special.”

“And you want to make love with me? You think it is possible to do with me?”

“Oh yes, please,” I said.  I lifted the blanket up to show Demona my entire side, and that I was ready for her now.  My pussy was very warm and wet, and I imagined her gentle caresses on my breasts, my clit, and my labia.  At some level, I knew it was sudden, and definitely not what I had planned for this afternoon, but at the moment, I could not consider another alternative.

Demona removed her bra and panties and slid beside me, and we immediately fell into each others arms.  The sheets and blankets ruffled over us, and we quickly found out from the other what made the other feel good.  Like my first love making session with Kate, it was quiet and sensual, a beautiful dance that we spend the better part of an hour performing.  

I was sometimes on top, and sometimes she was, our pussies would meet and kiss, and so would our mouths, and we felt the wetness and softness of both.  I licked her pussy as she licked mine, but we always returned to kissing and fondling each other, holding on to the moment for as long as it would last.  She whispered sweet things into my ear, and I whispered them back, topping it off with a serious “I love you,” every now and then for good measure.  I said it as a statement, and was not alarmed or hurt when she failed to say “I love you” back.  I just had to say it in that beautiful and perfect moment.

I lost count at how many times my pussy quivered and climaxed, but it was never the end of anything, but a beautiful beginning.  We were caught in an endless cycle of pleasure and passion, and we soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

A gentle nudge at my shoulder awoke me at midnight, and I woke up to find Demona had dried and folded my clothes, placing them on her dresser.  She then slipped off her nightgown and returned to bed with me.  She held me in her arms and I felt so at peace.

“So,” I said. “What was in that Normal stuff?  Do I need to drink that every four hours or so?”

“No,” Demona said.  “Just a placebo.  The real treatment started online, it was hypnosis.”

“What?” I said.  “Really?  So like you put me in a trance to do this?”

“Not really, you’re fully conscious and knew what was happening, at least I hope,” she giggled.  “The keyword was Normal, that’s why I repeated it so much.”

“So,” I said, “does that mean I’m always conditioned for that word now?  Someone says normal, and I turn into their slut?”

Demona laughed a bit more, “Of course not.  Suggestions like that work in the same mental place where lucid dreams are played out.  What happens when you start realizing a dream is just a dream?”

“You wake up.”

“Right.  So, just for a test, NORMAL.”  I felt nothing, and I realized she no longer had any control over me.  “Still want to make love to me?”

“Not really,” I responded honestly. My feelings were real previously, but they now had passed.

“Still feel hopeless about all love?”

“No,” I said cheerfully.  While the method was very bizarre, and no doubt not approved by any psychiatric board, the results did speak for themselves.  I was excited, not for Demona, but to finally get on with the rest of my life, which I saw stretch out before me for the first time since Kate and I had broken up.  I had been through another relationship with Demona, no matter how short lived it was, and survived, and I knew there would be countless others in my life, just waiting for me to grab hold of them.  “Wow, that really worked!”

“You don’t think of this as a mistake?”

“Oh no,” I said.  “I realize that this was what it was, and now it’s time for me to get along with my life.  I did love you then, but now, I don’t, and that’s okay.  I’ll be okay, and better for our time together.”

She kissed me on the forehead and smiled.  “Sweet dreams, Ashley.  Tomorrow will be a brighter and more normal day for you.”

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  1. Well done. One person's normal is another person's true.