Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just a Dollar, Part Two

Author's note: Read part one of "Just a Dollar" here.

I reread the text message about a thousand times before I could get a break from work to respond.  Finally, I found a minute, and walked into the alley behind the restaurant to give Alyssa a call.

“Hi, whore,” she replied.  “Have some questions?”

“Is it really a he?” I asked.  I had a million questions but that seemed most important.

“Yes,” she replied, “but he’s not some random hobo off the street.  I’m not crazy.  He’s this college kid I work with.  Kinda shy, and not that great with the ladies.  Technically still a virgin.  So, you think you’ll be a good whore for him?”

I was weak at the knees and had to sit down.  We had played this out in the hypothetical so many times, but now that it was staring me in the face, I did have my doubts. “I think so,” I answered meekly.

“You better, he’s paying just the right price for you!” Alyssa taunted.  I knew she was getting a kick out of this, and was absolutely relishing in the fact that I had put my price as so incredibly cheap.  “Just remind me, what price is that, whore?  What price are you going to spread your legs for?”

I breathed deep, and my pussy was already starting to feel a bit wetter.  “It’s a dollar Alyssa.  I’m going to spread my legs for a dollar for him.  What’s his name?”

“Doesn’t matter, bitch,” Alyssa said.  “All that matters is that you’re going to be such a fucking slut for him until he cums in the cunt of yours.  Just like a dirty bitch like you should be used! You’re still on the pill, right?”

“Yes,” I replied.  I had been on the pill since college, at first because I was sexually active, but even with Alyssa, I found they helped with preventing monthly cramps, so I never stopped.

“That’s good, because I don’t think I like the idea of him using condoms.  It will be his first, so he should get the right to cum all up inside you.”

“I know,” I said as I breathed heavily.  I hoped I could return to work after this call, and I also hoped I didn’t show any visible signs of being turned on to the customers.

“Where are you right now?” Alyssa asked.

“I’m behind the restaurant.”

“Oh, so where the garbage cans are?  Is that where the waitress sluts hang out?”

“No, no, just me, I’m alone out here.”

“Oh perfect, throw those panties of yours away right now!” Alyssa demanded.  We had done little dares like this before, but this time I knew that I had no choice in the matter, or a way to request a “truth” that I had to reveal.  I looked around to ensure my privacy and hiked up my skirt and slid down the panties.  

“Are they off, whore?”

“Yes,” I said.

“How’s the crotch, is it wet?” Alyssa wanted my humiliation to be complete, and she knew just how to press my buttons.

“Yes,” I said.  “You’ve been saying really exciting things.”

“Don’t put this all on me, you’re just a slut.  Now, throw them in the trash, and snap a picture of it for me, and get back to work. Bye now.”

I agreed and hung up the phone.  I snapped the picture and sent it, proving that I had removed them, and now that they were ruined would not be wearing them again.  I went through the day and felt every movement double, and was also very aware that my pussy was always on the verge of climaxing.  Maybe it was just my nerves for what awaited me at home, but I also felt a few droplets of my own juices track down my leg  and soak into the top of my sock.

When I was ready to leave, Alyssa called again, with another instruction.  “I placed your collar in your purse, wear it on the drive home.”

“Ok, Alyssa,” I replied and she hung up, without another word.

I arrived at the apartment, and my hand was shaking as I turned the key.  I wasn’t sure what would await me on the other side, but I knew that this was the first of another job.  I was officially a working girl for Alyssa.

Alyssa greeted me, dressed in a stylish blue business suit, with fishnet stockings and her hair up in a bun.  She looked at me up and down, quite disapprovingly, and took my purse from me.  “I guess you’re my new girl,” she said.

I looked to the couch and saw a man, around nineteen or twenty years old, sitting on the couch waiting patiently.  He was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans and had a slightly nervous demeanor.  “We have a client, and you’re still in your clothes from your previous job?” Alyssa shook her head and pointed to the bathroom.  “Go in there, take a shower, and get nice and clean and shaved.  Shaved completely, do you understand?”  Alyssa ordered me loudly, so that the young guy could hear.  “This client likes his ladies nice and smooth.”

I entered the bathroom and Alyssa followed behind, and closed the bathroom door.  She then held me close and kissed me, breaking her Madame character for a second.  “You’re ok, right?  He’s a really good kid, totally deserves a nice romp.” Her hands were all over me, unbuttoning my waitress uniform very quickly, and undoing my bra in one quick motion.  I kicked off my shoes, and I stood there naked, except for the collar.  She looked at me up and down, and ordered again, “Remember, make sure you’re nice and smooth and smell good.”  She then left me alone in the bathroom, taking my uniform and purse along with her.  I undid the collar and put it on the sink, and turned on the shower.

I cleaned myself very well, getting at every crevice and shaving my legs and pussy until they were as smooth as silk.  I realized later that Alyssa had not left any clothes for me, and so I gingerly stepped out, wrapped in just the towel.

Alyssa quickly approached and grabbed for the towel, releasing it from my grasp.  I was naked in the hallway, and I peered to the couch and found the guy not to be there.

“You’ll use our bed,” she said.  She then goosed me on my ass, and lead me to the bedroom, where the guy was waiting on the bed, his clothes already off and crumpled on the floor.  He wore just a thin pair of boxer shorts, and immediately sat up in the bed when the door opened.

He saw me enter, fully nude, and I instinctively covered my pussy, thankful that Alyssa was not there to correct me, as I’m sure she would have.  I approached the bed and saw the bulge of his boxer shorts raise a bit, smiling broadly at the affect I had on him.  

“Are you sure about this?” he said.  He sounded really sweet, and from his reaction to me, I could tell this was the closest he had ever come to sex.  I nodded.

“But the price,” he said.  “Do you know it’s so cheap?”

I nodded again, blushing, “I actually set the price.  I’m not doing this because I need the money, you know.”

He sighed, “Ok, so how do you...” he was interrupted by me climbing on the bed with him and fishing his hardening cock out of his boxers.    I took it in my mouth and started sucking, which quickly got it to full attention.  I had been out of practice with guys for the past five years, being with Alyssa and all, but I kept reassuring myself that it was just like riding a bike.

When he was fully hard, I straddled him kissing up his torso and neck wiggling into position on top of him.  My pussy was very wet and ready when I finally got to his eye level, and we interlocked completely.  I fell on top of him, loving every moment of his cock filling me completely, and my pussy was a tight vice around him.
He then, quite surprisingly, turned me, so I was on my back, and started moving his hips up and down rhythmically.  I could tell his instincts were kicking in, and I was glad this virgin would not be getting too excited the first time.  He certainly didn’t have much in terms of muscle tone, and he was quite a string bean figure, but I could tell he was trying very hard to please me, even if I was his whore for the night.

I moaned a bit and looked into his eyes, kissing him on his lips. I encouraged him with “harder” and “faster” and the best dirty talk I knew.  At around “deeper,” I saw his face twitch, and felt a similar twitch inside me, at the base of his cock.  I knew he was ready to pop, and I just said, “please cum inside me.”

He needed no more encouragement, and his semen started to flow from him and into me.  I could feel each and every wave as it travelled from the base of his shaft up the cock, and ended with more warm liquid filling up my already stretched out pussy.  After about five waves he collapsed on top of me completely spent, his cock shrinking out of my cunt.

When he was soft, he slid off of me, and said “Alyssa wants you to stay there for a second.” I complied immediately.   I saw this now ex-virgin take his clothes and get dressed, while I laid there motionless, my freshly fucked pussy visibly leaking small amounts of his sperm.

When he was dressed, he called for Alyssa, and she walked in only barely noticing me.  “Was she to your satisfaction?” she asked, in a calm, customer service tone.

He nodded, “Oh yes, she was great!”  He reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar bill.  

“Hey look, whore, payment!” I squealed with delight as she stuffed the latest bill into my tip jar.  It was now official, I was a whore, and I made some money (not a lot but some) off my body and through sexual services.  I had taken on the world’s oldest profession, and with Alyssa as my handler, I felt so excited for what lay ahead.  “You can show yourself out,” Alyssa said, dismissing the guy. I would never know his name, nor the name of any other client that Alyssa would arrange.

Alyssa reached down and started massaging my mound, knowing that she was trying to produce an orgasm for me, one that had not come during the sex.  I quickly surrendered to her fingers and was rocking back and forth on the bed, achieving a powerful orgasm.

“And this, whore, is just the beginning,” she promised.  “There are so many more dollars out there for you, you just need to work for them.”

I smiled broadly and drifted asleep, content with being Alyssa’s working girl.

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  1. I finally got around to reading this and it was well worth the wait hun! Loved it. xxx G