Thursday, September 15, 2011

Over the Fence

I think every woman engaged in an extra-marital relationship says it started out innocent enough.  A random wink here, a flirtatious glance there, and before they knew it, they were in a hotel room at two in the morning three freeway exits away, thinking how they were going to get home in time for breakfast.  My own started a little less dignified, and did not afford me such claims of innocence corrupted.  I made several mistakes, pursued it, and landed right where I was supposed to be.

I had been chatting online for about a month, just browsing some recipe forum.  She first complimented me on my crème brûlée recipe, and thing escalated a bit from there.  She was the first to ask my age, if I was married, and for a picture, which I gave readily.  The shower of compliments flowed from there, she said she absolutely adored by brown curls, cutie pie face, and girl next-door charm, and soon our conversations were steered towards our mutual favorite topic--sex.  Before I knew it, I was giving her very explicit details about what went on in the bedroom with my husband of four years, even more details than probably he knows.  

One day, she remarked that she probably could keep a chart of all the days in a month I had done the deed with my husband, and I laughed it off, saying that it would be a fun project.  It happened to be the last day of May, and so she decided that she would keep track of June.  I blushed a bit, and then agreed, saying it would be fun to see how all the days filled up.  She immediately took charge of the project, laying out the ground rules for me, which I had to follow, if it were to be a success.  I had to send her an email every morning at exactly 9:30 which detailed the events of the night before, which were usually just a few short sentences of what happened.  I was also to tell her of every time I touched myself or brought myself to an orgasm.

I dutifully kept up my end of the deal, and reported to her email inbox every morning at the appointed time.  Of course, some nights there was nothing to report, and I did so, and some nights there was much to report.  I also found that with the calendar, I was much more aware of my sexual activity, and so much more apt to perform.  I wanted something to report each morning, and I didn’t like the mornings where I had nothing.  By the last week of June, I made it a point to have something to email her for each day, even if it was just by my own hand.  Her chats with me were also getting a bit more demanding, wanting even more in depth email into not just my married sex life, but also my body.  My method of birth control (an IUD), my menstrual cycle, and my exercise regimen became an open book to her, and again, I readily gave the details to her.  All of this was given to her, and I knew almost nothing about her in return.

When June turned into July, she announced that the calendar was a success, and that she would be turning the tables on our game.  Instead of me telling her what I did the night before, she would be emailing me each morning, letting me know what I was to do with my husband in our bed that evening.  My stomach filled with butterflies at this prospect, and I wondered to myself if this had crossed the line into cheating.  I then quickly disregarded this notion, since I would not be having sex with anyone else, I would simply be letting this stranger control what we would do.  I laid out the one rule that she would only be able to tell me how to have sex with my husband, and nobody else, to which she agreed, and my July started.

I was a bit concerned that she would have me having sex everyday of the month, which would get quite old for me, but the first of July started with a pledge for abstinence. The second and third were the same, and I was a bit concerned that I would have to go without for the entire month.   Fortunately, we celebrated the fourth with fireworks in our bed, and she was quite explicit with what I needed to do.  I pleasured my husband orally and then in my pussy, and then orally again.  The month went on like that a few days of abstinence, ended with a highly sexual night, which my husband loved.  He asked me one morning, early, if we would be having a bit of fun that night, and all I could say was “We’ll see,” which was the most honest answer I could give.  

As the month was near ending, she started ordering much more from me, and pushing the envelope as to what I would do.  She still kept the calendar, and I noticed that she was starting to give me something to do every day, and that something was usually more depraved and lewd than the day before.  She was shattering the “nice girl” image that my husband had of me, as she made me give him blowjob, beg for the semen in my mouth, and swallow it in full view.   Our chats also lost all semblance of friendship as she routinely taunted me, saying that she got her inspiration from whatever porn she happened to watch that day.  On the thirty-first of July, I performed anal sex with my husband for the first time, as directed, and I discovered the name I was to call her from now on: Goddess.

All through August, Goddess decided much more for me than just what would happen in the bedroom with my husband.  Her influence infected all areas of my life, and I promised her my obedience.  She would often tell me exactly what to wear, how to eat, and even when to take out the garbage.  I valued our time spent chatting together, and was comforted by the fact that it all still seemed under my control.  Ostensibly, I could pull the plug anytime and end everything, but we both knew I never would.  Her calendar continued and became more detailed, and even more lewd, recording every blowjob, creampie, and every time I would absolutely beg for his cum all over and inside me.  My job became a secondary priority for me, my first was to the Goddess, and even I had to admit that my husband was third.  My first priority, fortunately, was keeping my third very happy.

On the night of the fourteenth, my husband was out late at a company dinner party, and Goddess was having some fun with me.  Since I was alone, she had me strip naked while chatting, which was nothing new for her, and even my husband would no longer find too far out of the ordinary.  She then ordered me outside, into the back.  It was late at night, and I thought about it for a second, but our backyard was quite isolated by tall hedges.  She only wanted me to walk out, across the lawn, and then turn right back.  It would be quick, and I would be right back.  She did have one final detail, I was to shut down my computer first.  I did as I was told, and walked out into the backyard.

There was a full moon out and I looked around nervously as I walked to the very end of the backyard.  I was tingling all over as the warm summer air hugged my naked body, and I giggled to myself with every step I took.  I got to the end of the yard, and turned around for the return trip.
I walked a bit quicker back, since the novelty had worn off, and I was anxious to get back and start up my computer again.  I returned to the patio and was almost to the door, when I realized that a woman was sitting on our picnic table.  I panicked a bit, and it took me almost a full five seconds before I realized it was April, our next door neighbor.

“April!” I shrieked.  I quickly moved to cover myself, and my mind raced, trying to come up with a logical reason why I was outside, walking around stark naked.  “I just, uh...”  I started to hyperventilate a bit.

“Calm down,” April said.  “I’m not surprised.”  She rose from the table and I saw she carried with her a dog collar and leash.  “But call me what you normally do. Goddess.”

I swallowed a bit, realizing what was happening.  My online fantasies had just violently crashed into my real life, and was taking steps closer to me with each passing moment.  April had taken advantage of the gate in our shared fence, which had allowed her access to slip in to our backyard undetected. I caught my breath barely, as she placed the collar around my neck and attached the chain.  “Yes, Goddess.” I said meekly.

She lead me to the gate and opened it, and I was soon through, and in my neighbor’s yard fully nude.  She guided me on where to step, and soon we were indoors, and I breathed an audible sigh of relief.

“Don’t be too relieved,” she said.  “You’re still here with nothing.”

She was right.  All my earthly possessions were in the house next to this one, and there was not one thing I could claim as my own.  I was nothing more than a possession of April’s in her place, and her possession of me ran quite deep.  She was my Goddess, and had been so for several months.  She knew my body better than I did, and was privy to every private detail and perverse sexual act I had ever done.

“First thing’s first,” she started.  She handed me a phone and ordered me to make a call.  I called Tim’s cell phone, and told him I would be out with April all night, and would be sleeping over at her place.  Her husband was also away, and so the lie of a girl’s night out was quite good and believable.  I hung up the phone and trembled as I realized I had just lied to spend a night with another person.  The fact this was our neighbor just made it worse.  “That was good, now on to the fun.”

She removed the collar from my neck and I was naked in her living room.  I felt completely vulnerable and looked around in shame wondering what was next.  “So, Brandi,” she stated, “do you know why you are here?  What I expect from you?”

“Is it sex?” I whispered.  “I don’t know if I can cheat...”

She interrupted my words and giggled.  “No, no, sluts cheat, and you Brandi, are no slut.”

I sighed a bit again, hoping she would let me go easy, but she then continued.  “However, you are a woman with a problem.   You are here with no clothing, and not a penny to your name.”

I realized my predicament and agreed. She continued with the solution, “So, it seems to me you’re going to have to find some way to buy some clothes off me.  Maybe you could do some special services for me.”  She reached out and grabbed my breast massaging it.  I trembled from the shock, which caused April to smile.  “Maybe use this to get what you want,” she said as she cupped my pussy.

I gasped, yet did nothing to get her to stop.  I just stared ahead my head swirling over what was happening.  My body was betraying what I knew was right, and my pussy was reacting faster to her one hand than it did to anything my husband ever did.  “Hmm, that sounds about right for you.  Say, yes Goddess.”

“Yes, Goddess,” I immediately replied.

“What do we call women who use this to get what they want?” she said giving my pussy another squeeze.

“A slut, Goddess?” I asked.

She then slapped my breast, which shocked me enough to take a step back.  Obviously, that was the wrong answer.  “Don’t you listen?  What did I say?  I said that you are no slut.  No, sluts have sex for fun, because they like it, and without reservation.  However, it’s not a job.  A whore, though, that’s a job.”

I stepped forward toward April again, feeling my own pussy juice drying on my freshly slapped breast which was a bit more red.  I held my head down in shame, and said, “I am a whore, Goddess?”

“You catch on quickly.  This isn’t about anything lovey dovey, Brandi.  I don’t love you and I’m certainly not going to leave my husband for you, so we can be life partners,” she said scoffing at the idea.  “No, my intention is to make you my whore, someone that works for me, making me feel very good anytime I want.”

“But, my husband...”

“Will never know, as long as you are a good whore for me.  You keep your body in shape and do exactly what I say with it, and everything will be fine. You’ll continue to keep your husband happy in bed, which is really all he really wants from you, and you’ll continue to keep me happy.”

I was paralyzed with fear and knew that I had no choice but to accept her terms.  I thought about losing my husband, our future kids, and my entire life, but all that paled in comparison to losing the attention of April.  She had unlocked things in me that I never wanted to put away, and if those were her terms, so be it.  I would be her whore.

“Yes, Apr...” I almost made a mistake, but saved it.  “Goddess.  Yes, Goddess, I will be your whore.”

“I know you will!” she exclaimed gleefully.  “Now, your first order of business will be to get some clothes from me, I’m sure you don’t want to walk back into your own home naked tomorrow.  Your husband may be a bit dull, but he’s not that dumb!”

“I will do whatever I need to do for clothes, Goddess.”

“Have you ever made love to a woman before?” she asked.

“No,” I said answered.

“Are you prepared to do that tonight, with me?”

“Yes,” I said, tears welling up in my eyes.  This would undoubtedly be cheating and I had already made the choice that it was something I was prepared to do.  I was surprised and hurt when my answer was met with a cold slap to my face.

“No, whore!” Goddess yelled.  “We are not making love, and we will never make love.  That is what I reserve for my husband.”

Tears streamed down my face, and I regained my composure.  “Yes, Goddess,” I said.  “I will fuck you for clothes, I am a whore.”

She bounded up the steps and turned around half-way, beckoning me up.  I followed and we went into the guest bedroom.

“This is where we’ll do it,” she said.  “Never in my marital bed, that’s too special.”  She undid her own jeans and peeled them off her body, taking a pink thong down with them.  Bottomless, she laid on the bed, with her legs parted.  “Get to it, whore.”

I knelt obediently, looking at her sex before me.  This was the closest I had ever been to another naked woman, and my first time with a woman altogether.  I thought for a moment and realized this was a virginal moment for me, the first time I would have sex with another woman. I planted kisses up her thigh, and then finally started licking her completely bare pussy.

Her lips responded immediately, wetness accumulated on my tongue.  As she started flowing she grabbed my head and pulled me in tighter, moaning as she did.  After another 45 seconds or so of intense licking, her hips started to grind a bit, and I could feel and taste that she was getting ready to orgasm.  She shuddered a bit and screamed out, keeping my mouth glued to her pussy lips, until her climax subsided.  She then pushed me away and I was back on my knees.

“Wow,” she said, “that was quite nice.”  She rose from the bed and stripped off everything.  “I’m going to go take a shower now, stay here and have a rest.  I have you for the night, and I intend to use my whore as best I can.  Stay on top of the covers.”

She walked out and watched her ass move as she walked down the hall.  Curling up on the bed, I tried to rest a bit, but anxious for what my night, and really the rest of my life, had in store for me, a whore for the Goddess.


  1. Wow....quite a story! Well written, and I cannot tell if truth or fiction!

  2. Thanks so much! I really love writing these kinds of stories, especially ones where people are putting themselves out in crazily vulnerable positions. :)