Friday, September 9, 2011

Lights Out

I sat in my apartment just waiting for the minutes to tick by, hoping the power would come back soon.  The city was suffering from a long power outage, and I had hoped it would come back before dinner.   Dinner had come and gone, and I made myself a turkey sandwich, a diet coke, and some other things that require no power to make.  While the outage did give me a good excuse to eat the last of the ice cream, I was nervous as night fell and still no lights.  I was just about to turn in for the night, when I heard a knock at the door.

“Hi Molly,” the voice said.  “You have a minute?”

I opened it, and let Frannie in.  “I was just about to get to bed, actually,” I explained.  “Nothing to do, all the bars are closed, and I don’t want to be out on the road at night.”

“That’s smart,” she said feeling for the couch.  She made her way to the window and opened the drapes.  From my apartment I had a reasonably pretty view, and the view tonight was much darker.  All the streetlights were out, and so the hill that was normally lit up with life, was eerily dark, and with no light pollution, the stars brilliantly hung in the dark void above the hill.

“You never get to see that,” she said with a smile.  It was dark and Frannie had rushed in so quickly that I hadn’t noticed what she was wearing.  Her pants were what looked like leather, and all black.  Her feet were in high-heeled black pumps which made her stand a few inches taller than normal.  She wore a black leather jacket as well, which was all zipped up.  As she moved, her leather encased body creaked.

“What are you wearing?”  I asked.

She giggled.  “Oh, this old thing?” she said.  “I don’t know, makes me feel a bit tough.  I guess I got scared a little in the blackout, and really just don’t want to be alone tonight.  I figured that we could be alone together.”  

Frannie had always been a more friendly neighbor towards me, and I always figured she wanted to make friends with me, but she was pretty awkward about approaching me.  I never knew why, I’m just kind of a dorky looking girl, long black curly hair, glasses and classic Jewish good looks.  I’ve certainly never been intimidating, but Frannie always looked at me like she was on the verge of inviting me to something, but that invite never came.  Now, here she was in my apartment, practically inviting herself over and making herself at home.

“Do you want something to drink?”  I asked.  I figured her logic was sound, and hanging out and talking was certainly better than the alternative of just trying to get some sleep in the dark.  I poured her glass of red wine, and a glass for myself.  As we talked, she kept standing by the window, gazing out at the stars.

“So, I didn’t mean to keep you up, are you planning to go to sleep soon?” she asked.  “Maybe the power will come back soon.”
“I sure hope not,” I blurted out.  “I mean, well, I like talking with you, and I can sleep anytime!”  I curled up on the couch in a ball, being as cute as possible, thinking that Frannie couldn’t see too well.  I was definitely flirting now, and the wine had made the decision easier, forcing me to see this statuesque, leather-clad woman in a whole new light, although it was almost completely dark.

“True,” she said putting down her glass, “but I think you should still get ready for bed.  We can have a little slumber party.”

I swallowed a bit.  It was tough to know if something was a come-on or innocent fun, but her tone was very even, and she spoke to me with expectation in her voice.  “You want me to...” I started.

“I’m asking you to do something very simple, that you do every night.  Nothing out of the ordinary, put on your nightgown.  Now, hop to it.”

Her order jolted me off the couch and I bounded over to my bedroom.  A big smile was on my face, as I felt around the completely dark room for my night gown.  I finally found it, and slipped off my day clothes, including my bra.  I stood in the dark in only my panties, my heart pounding as I dressed for bed.

I entered the room to find her seated on the couch, waiting for me, her black outfit almost making the perfect camouflage in this blackout.  “That’s good, let me see you.”

I walked in front of her and performed a little twirl, my nightgown billowing slightly around me.  “Very nice,” she praised, “please, join me.” I took a seat next to her, squealing with delight and blushing profusely.  “No,” she said, “not there, on the floor please, at my feet.”

I slipped down off the couch and took a seat at her feet.  She never did raise her voice, or yell, she simply knew how to order me to do something, and I would do it.  I had never played any of these kinds of games before, but now I was afraid that if I didn’t play it right, if I made a misstep somewhere, she would simply walk out and leave.

She reached down and stroked my curly black hair, as if I was some sort of pet, and I responded right away.  In a very catlike move, I rotated my head around and tightly closed my eyes, enjoying her hands against my scalp.  I swear that if I could have purred at that moment, I would have.  She knew exactly how to scratch me that left me begging and wanting more.  I snuggled her leg to let her know how much I loved her touch.  The leather against my cheek felt exhilarating and I inhaled deeply, loving the mix of the natural scent of the leather and Frannie’s perfume.

Her hands travelled down my back, her fingers pressing firmly , tracing my spine down.  She didn’t stop until she felt the elastic band of my underwear, through the thin fabric of my nightgown.

“What’s this?” she asked.  She leaned down and felt with both hands, tracing my underwear with her fingers.  “I thought I told you what to wear, and here you are, improvising.”

I stammered, hoping that this was not a deal breaker for her, or that she would make me beg her to stay.  “Oh,” I said, “I didn’t know...”

“Just fix it.” she stated with a sigh.  I stood and reached under my gown and pulled down my panties, inches from her.  I wished I could see her face better to make sure what I was doing was pleasing.

“They’re off,” I said.

“But the transgression still happened,” she said coldly.  “I think you need a little lesson, young lady.” I squirmed with excitement.  “Over the knee spanking is in order.”

I approached and laid myself over her knee.  I buried my face in the couch cushion as it burned with excitement.  My pussy rested against Frannie’s leather-clad leg and I could feel myself getting a little wet.

Frannie, stroked my bare leg, using her hand to push my gown up over my ass, exposing it to the air.  “Is this new to you?”  she asked.

Before I could answer, she laid down a fierce smack, which echoed throughout my apartment.  I was speechless, and squirmed, which was evidently an invite for another.  She smacked my ass over and over, and I took them all as quietly as I could gasping and letting out a few screams into the couch cushion.

She was panting when she stopped.  “Are you ok, Molly?”  

“Never better,” I said.  My backside was on fire, and I knew that it was now sufficiently red.

“Do you want more?” she asked.

“If you want,” I offered.  “I trust you, you can do this whenever you want, for as many as you want.”

She smiled a big toothy grin which I could see in the moonlight that streamed through the window.  “Do you really mean that?”

I desperately wanted to be accommodating for her, and so I slid off her lap and sat on my knees.  My ass was on fire, but I sat through the pain, kneeling in devotion to Frannie and her magnificent swats.  “Yes,” I said. “You can come over anytime you want, power outage or not!”

She crossed her legs in front of me, and said, “That is quite a nice offer, but I would still need more power over you.  Not just spanking, I want more influence, so to speak.  Stand, and drop your gown.”

I nodded and rose to my feet.  I was shaking nervously, as I let the straps of my gown down and the cool air of my apartment enveloped me.  It was at that moment, like clockwork, that the power was restored, and the lights of my apartment all turned on at once, illuminating my apartment instantly.  Frannie and I were momentarily blinded by the change in light, but once we recovered, Frannie’s eyes were fixed on me standing before her, completely nude.

“So now, in the light of day,” she asked.  “Is the offer still good?  Can I come over and expect this from you all the time?”

I nodded, and returned to my knees, pleading with my eyes for her to stay. “If you will have me,” was my only response.  She bounced to her feet and took my hand, guiding me up.

Guiding me to my room, guiding me to my bed, guiding me on the greatest journey of my life.

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