Saturday, October 1, 2011

Birdie's Contract, Part One

My phone chimed, like it does a hundred times a day, and I checked the text message. I absolutely hate voicemail, and I’ve trained my circle that the best way to get a hold of me is through instant message.  I was relieved when I read it that it wasn’t yet another request from one of my managers, but a very nice request from my mistress:

Birdie, your contract is up tonight, when you come home, be ready for some fun.

I couldn’t believe it, but another year had come and gone again.  My husband liked to make the pun, “Time flies when you’re being sub” and I have to agree with that wholeheartedly.  I had been Tatiana’s submissive for a couple of years now, and our relationship was just as rewarding as it was formal.  

We did start out as friends, we had met while I was completing my MBA at a certain Ivy League school on the east coast, but as the months went on, and we had less classes together, we realized that we didn’t have that much in common.  I met Vince, the man who would turn out to be my husband, and unfortunately, as life moves on, we just grew apart.  

All that changed in the last few months of the MBA program, when I was brought, quite unknowingly on my part, to a party in the suburbs. This party turned out to be a glorified sales pitch for the hostess’s own small business of selling lubricants and other assorted sex toys to housewives that just could not be seen inside a sex toy store. I didn’t buy anything, but Tatiana recognized me, and we used each other’s conversation as a great way to dodge the hostess’s sales talk.  Of course, we talked mostly about sex, and realized that we had a lot more in common than we originally thought.

Over the next few months, I got engaged, and stayed in touch with Tatiana. Our conversations always seemed to get to “the good stuff” as we liked to refer to it.  We both had larger than average libidos, and decided that we probably should stick together if we were to maintain our sanity in a prudish world.  We compared notes as to what we liked and didn’t like, what new things we discovered online, and I even gave her a peek or two into my own bedroom life with my fiancé. She was always very attentive as I told my story of what I did with Vince that week, and I didn’t mind that she never had her own stories to tell.

Of course, I was engaged to my husband to be, and I would never cheat, especially not with a woman.  Tatiana confided in me early on that she was very dominant and a lesbian, at which I just smiled and nodded, and tried to act cool about.  I reaffirmed that I identified as straight, and she accepted that with a smile and a remark that “Nobody’s perfect.”

One of these nights, just as I was leaving, Tatiana asked. “What do you do after these talks we have, Evelyn?”

I looked a bit sheepish and blushed.  “I go home and see if Vince is up for anything.”

“And if he’s not?” she pressed on.

“I take care of myself.”

“Do it here,” she said.  “You can use my bed, and anything in my room is there for your use.”

I blushed at the offer, but still refused.  “Tatiana, I’m flattered, but I just don’t go for women, and I’m engaged.”

Tatiana giggled a bit, “Oh Evelyn, I’m not coming on to you, I just don’t think you should have to wait forty-five minutes for something that you may or may not get at home.  Don’t worry, I’m not holding a torch for someone I could never have.”

I thought about it and replied, “Well, your bed is very personal, and it would probably not be too clean.”  I thought quickly, and added “from me, of course,” just in case she felt insulted.  Even before she was officially my mistress, I went great lengths to never to offend her in the slightest.

“Then, you can do it on the couch, I can go in the other room if you want me to, or the bathroom, whatever.”

Realizing she had picked up on my openness, submissive nature, and kinky side, I relented, which made her insistent side very happy.  She went into her room, and simply stated, “Let me know when you’re done with the couch.”

My heart was racing a bit, as I realized I was alone in a strange apartment, and just expected to take care of myself on Tatiana’s couch.  Although I knew it was private, I still felt relatively exposed, and as I stripped, I also wrapped myself in a wool blanket that was strewn out about the couch.  The itchy wool felt fantastic against my skin, as every move I made was felt five times in random spots all over my body.  I also caught a glimpse of myself in a decorative mirror, and reveled in how ridiculous, lewd, and sexy I was being all at the same time.  

My breast would occasionally pop out from beneath the blanket and no more than ten minutes later was in utter ecstasy, shuddering from beneath the blanket.  I looked at my reflection as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me and I forced the blanket down as I felt my orgasm subside.  As the last ripples of pleasure washed over me, the blanket was pushed all the way down, to a lump at my feet and I sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror, soaking in the moment.

When I recovered, I got my clothes together and knocked on Tatiana’s door.  She told me to come in, and she was simply at her computer, looking at a news site.  There really wasn’t an ulterior motive for her, she was simply quite giving.  This little moment is what made me realize that I could place much more trust in her than I had been.  “Did you have fun?” she asked playfully.
“Yes, and thank you,” I smiled broadly.  “But, Tatiana, I think I’m going to tell Vince.”

She nodded.  “Oh yeah, I think you should.  Keeping secrets from him is not a good way to start a marriage.”

My stomach turned the whole ride home from nerves.  I knew Vince would be home, waiting for me, and I was very apprehensive about what his reaction would be.  Would I be forbidden from seeing Tatiana anymore?  The thought of that made me very sad, but the thought of losing Vince would be devastating.  I walked in through the door and Vince greeted me with a hug and long kiss.

I broke it, saying those words that nobody really wants to hear, “We need to talk.”  Vince looked a little worried, but I just recanted the story of what happened at Tatiana’s place.  Vince had a puzzled look, as if he didn’t quite get something.

“Vince, talk to me,” I said.  “If you want me to not see Tatiana anymore...”

He stopped me there.  “No, no, you can still see her, it’s just, is there anything else?”  He looked at me with eyes that seemed to say “Is that it?”

“No,” I said, “I’m being honest here, nothing else happened, she just let me...”

Vince let out a very loud laugh, and a sigh of relief.  “Oh,” he said.  “Yeah, that’s fine, honey.  Listen, you have quite a lot of energy, and there are some things that I just can’t provide, and I’m not going to lay down any rules as to when you can do that to yourself.  Heck, let her watch even, that’s fine by me.  In fact, it’s kind of exciting.”

We kissed on the couch, and I was so relieved.  I would not be forced to choose, and I was now more sure than ever that Vince was the right guy for me.  “Well, I don’t know about that Vince,” I said.  Vince saw in my eyes that I just needed a little bit of coaching to make that possible, coaching that he was keen on providing.

“Well, I do,” Vince said authoritatively.  “The next time you’re there, you’re going to do the same thing you did, but this time, Tatiana will watch you.”  Butterflies spontaneously spawned in my stomach as I took in the order, and he continued.  “And, you will strip completely, as you usually do, and you will no longer use any blanket.  I want her to see exactly how beautiful you are.”

I then pounced on him like a cat, and we made love on the couch.  I had so much energy that night, my movements and actions fueled not just my memories of what I had done today, but just the thought of what the future had in store.  As I locked my legs around him, and his cock glided into me effortlessly, I gasped as if he was taking my virginity for a second time.  I whispered into his ear that I would do as I was told, and that was how I loved it, and how I loved him.  I shuddered and my whole body rocked as I came hard, and we both realized for the first time that my submission made our partnership complete.  It would forever be an inextricable part of our marriage, and Tatiana would be one of the ways we would make it a reality.

We collapsed on our coach, coated in sweat and fully satisfied, basking in the afterglow.  I snuggled up with Vince and he stroked me, like a pet.   “You mind if I talk to Tatiana about this myself?” he asked.

“Of course, Vince,” I purred.

“Good,” he said.  “I think we have some things to sort out.”

Continued in Part Two, click here

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