Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I was sleeping in the passenger seat of Minnie’s SUV, when a gentle nudge woke me from my nap.  Minnie was still driving, of course, her slender body nestled deeply inside a bucket seat that was pushed all the way up.  She wore a baseball cap and sunglasses, something she had never worn before, but today was all about new things.  “Hey wake up, we did it!”

At just five feet and one inch, Minnie looked like a teenager, excitedly taking the car out for the first time.  Of course, we were both in our forties, and driving was nothing new, but Minnie was still bouncing in her seat as excited as a teenager as she pointed at the road sign to me which declared, “Welcome to Nevada!”

That was it, we had done it.  It started with a shared kiss at the Christmas party, and had escalated from there.  We had been friends for years prior, same social circles as our husbands, but at the Christmas party our hands touched in the coat room and we realized we were alone.  Our fingers interlocked, she looked into my eyes deeply and we fell into each others.  Lips met like they always were meant for one another and our arms were thrown around each other, each holding the other one close.  It was crazy and didn’t make sense, our lives were definitely not conducive to these desires but our bodies grabbed at each other, like they were satiating themselves after a very intense famine.

We were so tempted to satisfy our needs right then and there.  Shove the coats off and go to town on the bed, but thankfully we had enough soundness of mind to disregard that.  We would have been caught, and the rest of the party would have never forgiven our lewdness.

No, instead we made a promise to each other that night.  If we ever made it out of Utah, even if it was just for one night, we would make that night special between us.  We sealed it with a kiss and a vow was born, as serious as any wedding vow we had taken years before.  And now, just six months later, and our road trip had brought us over the border.  A road trip, started that morning, that would allow us seven nights together.

“There’s a stop about two miles ahead,” I said with a wink.  “We should stop there.”

“Are you sure, Renee?” Minnie asked apprehensively.  There was no doubt that she was committed to our plan, but she was a constant worrier.  Crossing the border had made it very real for the both of us, yet the hours before it seemed like.  “Yes,” I said, caressing her arm.  

We had to be careful in our plans, to make sure our husbands realized that they were not invited, and that we had to go alone.  We had refrained from touching each other, even in private, lest our cover dissolve in an unbridled fit of passion as before.  We also made sure to keep up our wifely duties, with even increased frequency, in the weeks leading up to our trip.  We simply couldn’t risk it.  But now that we were together, and literally two miles from our destination, I allowed myself a touch, and she sighed.  “Two miles it is!”

We pulled into the stop and parked away from most of the parked cars.  Minnie’s SUV had a camper shell, and her husband had even offered to take out the mattress, so she could fit more drinks and supplies, but she refused, hoping he wouldn’t press the issue.  She reminded him that if worse came to worse, on the road to Reno, they could always sleep in the car.  I climbed into the back, over the middle seats and quickly reached down to move the supplies from the back and free up the mattress.  Minnie joined me, but instead of helping, she just slipped her hand under my denim skirt.

“Can I take these away from you?” she asked.   I blushed deeply, and nodded enthusiastically.  She grabbed the waistband of my panties and pulled them down, looking around to make sure nobody was seeing.  I helped as best I could to get them off and down my legs, while clearing out the back so we could use the bed.  I then threw myself over the bed and splayed out across the mattress, inviting Minnie to do the same.

“First,” she said, “you’ll have to give me your clothes.”

I smiled broadly at the request and immediately started to strip.  The curtains were drawn, and nobody could see me, so I was pleased to give Minnie a private show.  When the last piece of clothing left my body, I threw the lump at Minnie.  “For safe keeping,” I said.

Minnie then joined me in the back and discarded what was left of what she was wearing.  I noticed that she had not worn anything underneath, no bra or panties, and she smiled.  “I wanted this so bad, I didn’t want anything complicated in the way.”

She was finally naked with me, and I wanted nothing more than to hug her closely, and kiss her deeply.  “Minnie,” I asked, “have you ever cheated before?”  I played with my wedding ring, thinking if I should keep it on for safe keeping, I did everything else with it, or take it off as a gesture that I am leaving my marriage behind, in boring old Utah, across the border.

“Keep it on,” Minnie said, swallowing hard.  “Keep it on, while we are together.  In this state, it means something else, in this state, it means WE are married.”  She held up her own left hand, which held her own ring.  I reached out my hand and our fingers interlocked, tears welling up in our eyes.  It was cheating, it was ethically wrong, but at that moment, it was so right for us.  “Shall we?”

Tears streamed down my face as I perceived the intensity of the situation.  We had crossed an arbitrary state border, but this was a much more real line.  Everything else that had happened before was just for show, I could call the whole thing off.  We could go back to our boring lives, we could pretend that what happened at the Christmas party never happened.  But, I simply hated that path now.  I gladly stepped over that line and pulled Minnie’s body directly on top of mine.

Minnie and I made love.  I trembled as I thought about what we were doing, and Minnie held on to me tightly, bracing her own body completely with mine.  As we moved together, it was clear that this was not some random experimentation, or pent up passion brought on by a mid-life crisis.  No, Minnie and I became one in the back of that SUV, and our marriage would be just as real to me as the one I had in Utah, that one just happened to have a wedding album to prove it.  This one needed no such proof.

Before this week, I had researched online, to see how lesbian sex is done, and I was a bit appalled by what I found.  It was mostly aimed for the entertainment of men, and mostly involved licking parts that a tongue should never go.  I was sure I would enjoy Minnie kissing my vaginal lips, and I would love to kiss hers, but I adored her regular lips too much to let them go.   I pulled her close, and she straddled my lap.  Both of our vulvae pulsated with anticipation, and I was surprised as I felt her wetness start to drip from her and onto my mound.

I broke the kiss and pulled her down, desperate for those nether lips to meet mine.  They did and we froze in the position.  The sensation was absolutely life changing, as I was in tune with not only my own heart beating, but I could feel hers through our carnal union.  The wetness was building and overflowing, mixing together, and I never wanted it to end.  Our bodies became one, our fluids became one, and our pure love was made real.

Finally, Minnie worked up the courage and moved to embrace me, kissing me full on the lips.  Our nether lips were still mostly together, but her regular kiss was much more intense.  “I’m sorry, love, I needed this kiss more.”

We cuddled and kissed more and tenderly touched each other.  Minnie found that she loved laying on my right side, her ear to my chest, hearing for the beat of my heart.  She also could not keep her lips from my nipples, nor her hand from my labia, which stayed in a constant state of arousal for the entire hour we spent at that stop.  We had certainly broken through a border, and we had no intention of ever returning.

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  1. Another fantastic story! I'm enjoying your writing. :)