Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Splish Splash

I was changing out of my suit in the locker room after only a few laps.  It was a curious little ritual I had picked up, ever since I had been gifted a month’s membership to this gym.  I would go in, as late as possible, just fifteen minutes before the pool closed, and swim under cover of darkness, as I saw it.  There were never any other women in the pool, the gym was women only, and I was certain the lifeguard was just there for insurance purposes.

I had always been very self-conscious about my body, and even the quick swim which was noticed by only one other living being, was pushing my limits of how exposed I would be.  Which is exactly why I jumped when Carrie, the lifeguard, peeked her head from around the corner.  I was naked and quickly grabbed for a towel to cover up, panting anxiously at the sight of this intruder with the same fierceness if she had been a rapist.

“Easy, girl,” she said to calm me.  “I was just wondering if you wanted to stay later.  I don’t have anything to do tonight, so I can keep the pool open a little while longer.”

I smiled.  “Oh no thanks,” I said.  “I just like quick laps, I’m not much of a swimmer.”

She smiled broadly.  “You’re a lot better than some of the women I’ve seen.  You should swim more, it’s good for you.”

“I know,” I said.  “It’s just I think I need to get used to the environment a bit,” I said, hoping that excuse would satisfy her a bit.

“Or, you need a coach,” she said beaming.  “And, I just happen to be an excellent one!”

She had an amazing body, and striking red hair which almost looked dyed, until your eyes were lost in her pale blue eyes.  Her skin was freckled, but it just made her face beam even more, every time she would flash her pearly whites.

“I’m Carrie,” she said holding out her hand.  “I’ll be your coach, ok?”  She said it more forcefully than most questions, as if my acceptance of her being my coach was a foregone conclusion, and I shook her hand cautiously.  “I’m Penny,” I said.  

“Ok, ready for your first lesson?” she smiled.  She was so cute and had so much energy, I simply could not protest.  “Sure,” I said.

“More swimming!” she proclaimed and took my hand leading me out of the locker room.  I still only had the towel around me, but before I knew it, we were both out of the locker room, and she was locking the locker-room doors behind me.

“Oh,” I said, “I have to get my suit on, open up the locker.”

“No, you don’t!” she said with a devilish grin, and ran towards the pool, her keys jangling behind her.  She quickly scampered up to her lifeguard perch and I was left by the door, wondering what was next.

“C’mon,” she said, “ten laps, freestyle, go!”

“Carrie!” I said.  “I don’t have anything on under this, open up the locker room.”

“Not until you do your ten!” Carrie teased.  

I was shocked at this request.  I had very carefully timed my workout to leave me with as little contact with other women as possible, and Carrie had just smashed all those machinations to bits!  “But, but,” I said.

“If you don’t, I’ll just throw these in the diving pool and go home!”  Carrie said.  I wasn’t quite sure if she was serious or not, but the diving pool depth was a uniform twelve feet deep, and I decided not to risk it.  Carrie was young enough not to really care if she lost her job to a prank.

“Ok, ok,” I relented.  I looked around cautiously to see if anyone else was around.

“It’s just us,” she said.  “C’mon, let’s go.”

I took a deep breath, dropped the towel, and hopped in the pool.  Carrie cheered me on as I swam toward her perch.  The pool did feel extra nice, the water was heated a bit more than usual, and I kept my body underneath the water, fooling myself into thinking I was covered.

Carrie grabbed her whistle, and became more authoritarian.  She blew and said, “Ok, you’re used to the water now, swim to the edge over there and start.”

I swam to the edge, keeping my body under the waves even though the depth was only three feet.  The stands for the swim meet the next morning were already set up.

“Ok, on your mark, c’mon,” Carrie whistled.  I put my hands into the railings of the stands thinking that would be enough.

“No, no, no, out of the water!”  Carrie ordered.  

“Carrie!” I protested, but she would have none of that.  “I have to see your dive, and make sure your form is good.”

I sighed and climbed out of the water, scared to death someone would walk in, and so I just wanted to get it done with as soon as possible.  I stepped onto the stand and Carrie made a catcall.

“You’re not helping!” I yelled.  

Carrie smiled, “Ok, on your mark!”  I bent over.  Carrie was still on her perch, and I was glad I at least wasn’t putting on a peep show for anyone.  She let out a loud whistle and I dove in, with a solid form.  I had not swam competitively since freshman year of college, but I took to it again, like riding a bike.  I did lap after lap, swimming harder than I had ever done with the suit, and my body felt so free and alive.  As I got accustomed to the water, I even started doing flip turns at each lap, and I even forgot I was skinny dipping for a second.

On my last lap, as I approached the end of my journey, I saw two legs dipped into the water in the lane next to me.  I momentarily panicked, and shot straight up in the pool, ending my lap, but also exposing me from the waist up.  When the water cleared my eyes, I saw it was Carrie.

“You scared me!” I screamed.  As I rubbed the chlorine out of my eyes, I noticed that she wasn’t wearing her normal lifeguard tank, it was a strange ivory top.  As my eyes got more clear, I saw that Carrie was relaxing quite content with no top at all.  Her red hair fell sultrily across her breasts and she smiled at me as she noticed that I realized what she was wearing.

“The water looks so inviting,” she said.  “Mind if I join?”  I was speechless as she stood up and dropped her orange shorts, leaving her completely naked.  Her pussy was trimmed, but still had a beautiful tuft of red hair above her lips, which matched the rest of her perfectly.  She dove in and swam next to me, circling around me as I took in the scene.  My own nipples were extra hard compounded by my excitement and the cool night air, chilling the water still on my skin.  

She dipped below the surface and came up, like the sexiest dolphin I had ever seen.  I swam after her, and we played in the deep end for a while, each of us pushing the other farther in how much we could touch the other.  I grabbed her ass, she grabbed my tits, I stroked her hair, she licked my ears.  Eventually, we were in the five foot depth with me pinned against the wall, and she kissed me deeply.  Our tongues danced and my hands explored every inch of her body, and I never wanted the moment to end.  

She wrapped her smooth, alabaster legs around me, and I held her tight, as our mouths met, and we rubbed together in a sinful dance that was certainly against the pool rules.  She moved down, so that our clits finally foound each other and made contact, which I swore produced an electric spark, a dangerous thought if you consider the fact we were in a pool.

I started kissing and massaging her breasts, lifting her whole body high so I could bite her nipples.  Her red hair was now a few shades darker as it draped over, and partially obscured, her face, which she didn’t mind.  She was lost in pure lust, as I worked each pink nipple and tenderly carressed her.  With my fingers exploring her pussy, and my mouth firmly clamped on her breast, I felt her heart race and heard her breathing start to quicken in a very familiar way.  She open her mouth and moaed loudly, then shrieked, as the full brunt of her orgasm coursed through.
She panted heavily as she came, her pussy pulsing against my fingers, and her arms giving me the tightest hug I had ever had.  When it had subsided, she let go of me and grabbed hold of the pool wall tightly, as her breathing recovered, and she confirmed that she would not suddenly float away at this moment.

I kissed the nape of her neck and said, “Wow, you’re a great coach.”

She turned and smiled.   “Only the best!”  She pulled her self out of the pool and looked like an absolute goddess in the soft blue light that the pool gave off at night.  “Well,” she said, “we better hit the showers.”

She winked,and like a good student, I followed my coach.


  1. Great story! wish I could get pool time like that! ;)

  2. Thanks! For this one, I set out to write a piece of flash fiction, but it ended up being over 1500 words. :) Ooops!

  3. Oh god, I have such a water fetish- that was so damn hot. :-)

  4. Thanks! My formative years were spent by a pool, and yeah, the smell of chlorine and skinny dipping still gets me going. :)