Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The End of the Bar

I walked into that bar exhausted yet again, another day at work.  Hiring someone else at this point would be ineffectual, it would take three of me to get through the paperwork that is ever growing on my desk.  I’m not even sure what we make anymore, is it paperclips?

This isn’t your pickup bar, or even a dive, it’s an after-work bar where the paper-pushers, middle-men and women, and office drones sit and drink their worries from the day away.  It is where I can walk in with the clothes I work in, and not be bothered by men trying in vain to pick me up, and women who were born when I started college looking at me like an ancient old crone.

I sipped my cranberry vodka and breathed with a sigh, letting go of the worries of the day, and attempting to watch the game on the tiny screen.  Then, I saw her, the girl at the end of the bar, and my mind’s feet drifted over to her.

She was in her early twenties, dark skin, and a very cute bob haircut.  Her hair was curly and highlighted and she had the cutest nose.  She sipped her drink, possibly a shirley temple, through a straw and looked around, not knowing what to do with herself.

I certainly did.  I would reach over and stroked her shoulder and she would smile in response.  I’d sit next to her and try to match the excitement in her large black eyes with equal excitement in my green ones.  I would comment on her dress, which looked absolutely divine and showed off her long legs, and she would comment on my hair and I would ask if she would like to go to a booth.

She would respond with “Maybe somewhere else...” and rise from her stool and lead me out of the bar and into the cool night air.  She would lead me to her car, and then inside, and we would drive to her apartments.  Once inside, we would waste no time with getting-to-know-yous, we would both know what was going to happen.

She would start by kissing my neck and reaching behind me to undo my dress.  I would hug her and take in the intoxicating scent of her hair and kissing down the dark skin of her shoulders, while wiggling her body to get out of the dress which she had loosened with one swift motion.  That dress would fall to the floor, as would mine and our bodies would collapse onto her couch, my hands exploring her mocha skin, and her tongue getting her first taste of my stiffening pink nipples.

Eventually, her touching would be too much, and I would rub against her hip, giving her the indication that under thin cotton panties was a moist patch, waiting to get touched, kissed, and licked.  She would then slip off my bra and I would use my teeth to drag her panties down, as she undid hers a little more expertly than mine.

With her pussy revealed, I would pull my face close to the dark patch of hair and already swollen lips that I could see within.  Kissing her inner thighs would only tease her more and leaning back she would assume the position for what I was an expert in.  I would tease her clit carefully to make and appearance, and then plant little kisses around, as she closed her eyes and scrunched up her face in an adorable way.  My mouth on her pussy would make her squirm and tease her just so, and then my mouth would find new territory on her ample breasts.  As I would lick her dark nipples, her arms would envelop me, not being shy about wanting our exposed pussies to finally make contact.  We would kiss on the lips, and our pussy lips would meet, tasting each other sinfully as our mouths and hands explored each other with a white hot intensity.

Her bed would naturally come next, and our nude bodies would climb inside, making a mess of the neatly laid out covers and sheets.  We would tangle ourselves in passion and pass our juices back and forth to each other, tasting each other and drinking each other in as the other came.  We would be as loud as we needed to be and greedy with the air, panting heavily as a signal to each other to keep on doing what they were doing.  We would then collapse into each others arms and relax the rest of the night away as we dreamed together with each other’s scents and tastes still fresh and intoxicating the other, more than any drink could.

A loud cheer from the bar snapped me out of my daydream.  The score had been made, the game had been won.  I looked at the end of the bar, and my girl now had company, a tall muscular man who planted a kiss on his date, and unfortunately, the game for me was over before it started.


  1. Aahhhh, dreaming...

    Lovely fantasy!

  2. Glad you liked it, and thanks!

    I know it's a cardinal sin of an ending ("It was all just a dream") and so I don't like doing that too much, but I wanted a quickie story and an ending that said something about the dreamer.

  3. Jiminy Effing Christmas - that was hot. I think I need to drink about a gallon of water, as my throat is suddenly very dry.

  4. Thanks! Splish-Splash, may be just the thing to cool you off. Or it may make things worse, one of the two.

  5. Thanks for the heads-up, enjoyed it immensely! @gina_s_1989