Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Forest Floor

Craig and I were walking for what seemed forever through the section of the forest when we came upon it.  It was something that I noticed right away, but Craig was just as ready to note, dismiss and move on.  A small hill, about twice the size of a king size bed, lay before us, covered with a very soft grass.  To me, it looked so out of place, and like the perfect place for a picnic.

“Craig,” I said, giving my aching feet a rest.  “Can we rest here on this mound?”  I dropped my bag and sat on the small plateau which rose about three feet from the rest of the forest floor.  It made for a very convenient bench, and the grass was quite soft beneath me.

“Ok, just for a second though,” Craig said, eyes glued to a map and GPS system.  I was certain that he had spent just as much time staring at tiny little digital numbers and dots on a grid than he did at the trees whose home we were hiking through.  I was convinced that when we got home and was asked how the trip went, he would only be able to remark that the map detailed.

I sat in the afternoon sun and closed my eyes.  The sun streamed through the tall oak grove, warming me as I felt a pale breeze flow through the leaves.  In the distance, birds sang and a brook babbled, and I breathed in deeply.  This was my time to reconnect and I was loving every bit of it.  I leaned back on my newfound bed of grass and welcomed more of the sun’s rays to dance across me.

Today, I wore a plaid midriff top which showed off my belly button, and some very cute shorts, which worked to show off my legs.  I knew Craig loved for me to dress sexy like this, even if his conservative upbringing would not allow him to admit it.  The weather had called for the temperatures to get into the high nineties today, and I was glad that I had not worn the long jeans for this journey.  Now, the only thing that ached were my feet, which were done in by hiking boots that had never been broken in just right.

My blond hair was splayed out across the grass, and I was just about to fall asleep, when Craig kicked my shin to get me awake, and my attention.  “Hey, don’t go to sleep, we’re almost there,” he smiled.   I got up and shook the debris which had collected in my hair.  I then looked back and I realized I was not alone on my grass bed.  Another girl was laying on this plateau, but she was splayed out on the other side and resting quite comfortably on on her side.  Her eyes opened and she saw me, her brown eyes widening as she got up.  

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare,” I said.

She smiled and tossed her brown curly hair to a side.  She seemed to be alone, and Craig pleaded for me to come to him.  “I have to go,” I said.  “Hope to see you around.”

She smiled again, and nodded, and I gathered my bag and left our shared bed.

We arrived at the campsite in about fifteen minutes, and I realized the place was packed.  It wasn’t terribly overcrowded, however, the line of tents and throngs of brats running around did take away from my feeling of getting away from it all.  The camp was well organized, and after setting up our tent, Craig and I fell into the campsite’s organized activities.  As the day wore on and became the night, I looked for the brown haired girl, but never found her.  I had a good dinner and Craig and I turned in, much earlier than we ever would sleep in the city.

Craig wasted no time, trying to get me in a certain mood. I tried as best I could, but the tent was not exactly the best place to get me to make me feel sexy.  Eventually Craig got the picture, and slightly miffed by rejection, turned over and dedicated himself to falling asleep.  I turned and tried to sleep myself, but my mind kept going back to the girl I had seen.  The thought of her, even though I was reluctant to admit it, was the highlight of my day, and I secretly wished to wake up next to her, rather than Craig in the morning.

At about midnight, I decided that I would clear my head.with a walk and got everything in order.  I gathered a long t-shirt and my denim shorts and grabbed a flashlight out of Craig’s bag.  He was so completely asleep, that I was sure I could whack him in the head with the flashlight and still not get a reaction.

I stumbed around, the deserted campsite and looked around the lot.  It was effectively “lights out” time for the site, and every tent was darkened, with all occupants inside and resting.  The nice thing about this was that there was no light pollution emitting from the camp, and so I looked up and gazed at the night sky.  The brilliant stars shone brightly and I could even make out the ribbon of the Milky Way.  With my eyes used to the dark, I could see more details popping up all around me, as if by magic.

I looked off into the distance and saw another small light, this time emitting from the direction of where I had found the small plateau earlier.  It was a green glow, and I made my way to the spot, entering the oak grove and easily making my way around the trees.  The glow grew greater, and soon I was at the spot, and saw the source of the light.

The brown haired girl had brought her own flashlight, and lazily laid it on the grass, not thinking that this may be a beacon to an onlooker, like me.  She was laying on the grass next to this light, lost in thought as she looked up at the stars herself.  She wore a white gown, and I saw that she did not turn as I approached.   I did not want to make myself known, until I saw exactly what she was doing.

She had hiked her own night gown up, and now the fabric was bunched up, above her waist.   She laid on her back, a hand reaching down, down under the gown and massaged the area between her legs.  It was too dark to know for sure if she was wearing panties, but I assumed that she had already discarded them.  She arched her back on this grass, and her intent stare was fixated on the stars, and so there was no danger in her turning to see me staring, much more than before.  She rubbed herself between her legs, parting them widely, which must have given her the feeling that she was making love to the universe itself.
My gaze was fixed on her, on this grass stage, and wondered if anyone else was enjoying this display.  The grass mound acted as a stage, and this was certainly a wonderfully beautiful show.  I looked around, making sure we were alone, and slowly crept to the side of the mound, hoping all at once that she would turn her head, but also dreading it.  I had no way to know if her finding me watching would be a welcome intrusion, or signify an immediate and disappointing end.

After another minute or two, I decided that it was time to take a small chance.  I nervously grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it off my head.  The warm air danced across my skin, and I could feel the goosebumps form up and down my arms.  I decided to be bold, and laid my shirt on the edge of the grass stage.  The girl was getting even more bold, and rubbing herself a bit more aggressively, but still trying to take it slow, making the experience as long as possible.  Her focus was even more inward, and so I slipped off my shoes in preparation for what was next.

Her head suddenly turned, and my moment of truth arrived.  There I stood, nude from the waist up, presenting this stranger with a sight that only a handful of people have ever seen.  In the dark, I could not see her reaction completely, but I knew that she could see my breasts under the moonlight, and my chest heaved as I submitted myself for her approval.  She did not make any sudden movements, perhaps also scared that anything she did would break this moment.

Her head turned again, and she continued her rubbing, now aware that she had a fan.

My denim shorts found their way down my legs and I was now nude in the middle of the forest.  I climbed onto the grass, getting close enough to smell the perfume she was wearing.  I snuggled up to her, stroking her curly brown hair, and looking closely at her face, as she pleased herself.  I touched her face, she turned her head, and we kissed softly.  She stopped her rubbing to grab hold of my head, and pulled my mouth close to hers, our tongues dancing.

Her hands found their way all over my body, she traced her fingers down my back, my ass, hips and thighs.  We never broke our kiss as she explored my skin, and I could tell that she was pleased that I was her nude forest nymph.  My own hands returned the favor, stroking her bare legs and finding their way under the cotton night gown.  She did not wear a thing beneath it, and my hands roamed all over, finding every tasty part of her, and pinching and pulling at what needed stimulation.

She only pushed me away to give herself room, and she quickly lifted her night gown up and off her body.  She became my partner at that moment, a naked sister under the stars.  We embraced fully, and our hungry lips met each other again.  

I pushed my leg between hers, and rubbed my thigh along her pussy.  Her hands had long abandoned her moist cavern and my thigh was filling in.  She grabbed my ass and pulled me very close, until my own pussy made inevitable contact with hers.  She stared into my eyes deeply and I knew that this moment would transform everything.  Our connection, without words, was so deep and the mixing of our juices, both vaginal and our saliva, was making us bond as only two women can.  Although I had had experiences with women before, all of those were just drunken experiments in comparison to what was happening to us at this moment.

She turned me over on my back, and I looked up at the twinkling sea of stars, and her face broadly smiling at me.  She was so beautiful, and I could swear that the stars not only shone in the dark void of the forest night, but also through her curly hair, and from within her loving eyes.  She put her weight onto the point our vaginal lips met, and our hips moved in a natural rhythm which kept both our pussies wet and wanting for more.  She leaned down and sucked at my nipples, and I arched my back as far as I could, so she could get more and more.  The only limiting factor in my movements was the position of her pussy lips, which maintained direct contact with mine.  I needed to keep this contact for as long as I could.

When she had gotten all she could out of my breasts, she simply laid on top of me, keeping our rhythm alive with a gentle and slow grind of our hips.  She listened for my heart and I stroked her hair, both of us completely lost to the world, mixing our juices together and wishing this moment would stretch across all of time.  We had connected at this moment without words, and in the purest, most honest, and passionate love making sessions of my life.  

Love.  The word had drifted into my mind, and now it was impossible to ignore.  Even with Craig, we had not yet gotten to that point in our relationship, although we had been together for months.  But now, with this stranger, I realized that my body would not reward me unless I went all in.  It was now or never, and unless I was willing to take this chance now and be honest with her and myself, a large part of me would be left forever in this moment, impossible to be fulfilled.

She raised her head again, and I looked upon her face and taking a mental image of her beauty.  I knew she could sense our mutual oncoming orgasms and I wanted to tell her as soon as I could muster up that last bit of courage which would defeat my last shred of self-doubt.  I stroked her hair, and she ground her pussy more forefully against me, and I whispered, “I love you.”

She smiled broadly and nodded in agreement.  My chest heaved a sigh of relief, which tore down the last resistance to my impending orgasm.  She looked into my eyes deeply, and kissed me passionately.  I felt a hot tear stream down her face as our cheeks touched, and this pushed me over the edge.  Our bodies writhed against each other as we came together, and wave after wave of pleasure washed over us.  I locked my lips on to hers and wiped away her tears of joy, as I whispered that I loved her over and over into her ears.

As our orgasms finally subsided, she laid her head again on my heaving chest, listening to my pounding heart.  More tears fell from her eyes and I was almost overcome myself as I felt them land between my breasts.  As I gazed up at the still night, I thanked the heavens that everything in my life brought me to this, this one perfect moment.

She was the first to stand and my mouth stood agape at this nude beauty.  Although we had just made love, I was still in awe over how she perfectly fit me.  She put the nightgown over her body, and got my denim shorts and slipped them on me.  My shirt was next, and soon I was dressed.  

We did not say a word, and I rose to my feet, giving her a big hug and another kiss.  She then pulled away, but grasped my hand leading me off of our sacred mound, into her tent, and into the next phase of our lives.

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  1. Wonderful starlit fantasy between those two "wood nymphs" :)