Saturday, August 27, 2011

Adventures in Retail, Part Two

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I left my store at 5:30 and glided across the tiled floor of the mall, like I was walking on air. I knew that taking off the paint from Dominique would be a simple enough job, and Ashley probably didn’t need any help, but I was ready to provide any assistance.  And, I would get to see a much more fleshed out version, so to speak, of Dominique than was able to see in the brief moment she was naked, but not really naked, in the store.

When I arrived, Dominique still had the outfit on that I had picked out for her, and she smiled broadly as she notice me enter.  “Oh good,” she said breaking character, “quittin’ time!  I’ll be right back.”

Sadly, the store manager was there this time, and I guess Dominique didn’t feel comfortable taking off everything in front of her.  Ashley snuck up behind me and pinched my sides, making me jump. “Glad you could make it.”

“Wouldn’t miss it!” I exclaimed.  “So she gets cleaned up at the apartment?”

“Yep, get too many stares if we try to go out before.  Once we went out to dinner right after work and she was silver the whole time.  It was a little fun, random people came up to us to get a picture with her, but she doesn’t like to stick out so much.  She’s really very shy.”

At that moment, Dominique came out of the changing area in a mini-skirt and tank top, showing a lot of silver skin, and discrediting Ashley’s “shy” theory.  She then reached for her hair and pulled off the wig from her head, collecting the various clips and released her hair.  A cascade of blond locks came out, and she looked like an exotic beauty from another world.  

She put the wig in her bag and sighed, “There, that’s better.  That thing gets hot!”

“We’ll go out the back,” Ashley said, leading the way.  “The mall management doesn’t like our alien goddess here walking around without her leash.”

“Hey now,” Dominique said.  “Those leash laws are mean-spirited!”  She then pulled me aside and whispered, “But I do look good in them.”

We walked down the interior staircase and came out a secret exit that lead directly to the mall parking lot.  Dominique looked angelic in the sun, her shiny skin taking every ray of sunlight, and magnifying it.  Her blond hair magnified this effect, and I found myself not even able to walk as I watched her stride across the lot.  Ashley awoke me from my daze.

“I see you like what you see, this way.”  She unlocked her car and Dominique opened the doors to the rear seats.  “Brooke,” she said, “will you keep me company?”

I couldn’t say no to her and hopped into the back and she gleefully followed in.  We buckled in, and Dominique smiled at Ashley.  “Driver,” she stated in a wealthy tone.  “To the manor, post-haste.”

Ashley turned, a playful scowl formed across her face.  “I’m not your chauffeur!  I’m more like a taxi service.”

I giggled.  “Oh really,” wanting to join in on the joke.  “How much?”

Ashley thought for a second and turned the ignition on the car and started to back out.  “Well, I think a pair of panties would be fair.”

Dominique smiled, “You never pay attention, I didn’t wear any today!”  Dominque hike up her skirt, and sure enough, it was all silver underneath.  The paint was now more obviously smudging, but of course, no touch up was necessary since it was coming off soon.

“That’s a nice peep show, dear,” Ashley said as she drove on.  “But, you’re not the only one in the car.”

Dominique’s eyes went straight to me, “Well, you better pay up,” she said.  I nervously giggled, but still wasn’t sure of my next move.  I was wearing shorts, and so taking off my panties would be a bit of work.  I thought about it for a minute and looked around.  After all, I had already seen Dominique several times now, and I was directly behind Ashley, so I figured that turnabout was fair play.  I loosened my seat belt and undid the buttons on my shorts, sliding them down my legs.

“Oh my God, she’s doing it!”  Dominique dutifully reported from the backseat.
“Oh, the price is now everything!” Ashley quickly said laughing.  “No, you set the price, I agreed to it.” I stated.  I slipped the panties down, while the car was still in motion and handed them to Dominique. Dominque stared between my legs, and licked her lips at the meal that was to come.  I think she would have attacked me then and there if her own seatbelt was not holding her back.  I smiled back at her as I slid my shorts back up my silky legs.

“So, we’re here.”  Ashley said, stopping the car.  “Is everyone decent?”

We got out of the car and walked up to the apartment, Dominique holding my hand.  I felt her eyes, staring intently at my shorts, knowing that only a thick denim material separated her from her goal now.  

We walked inside and Ashley gave the order, “Ok, Dominique, let’s get it off of you, strip!”

“Aren’t you bossy today?” Dominique responded.  She started with the tank top, flinging the flimsy garment to the couch and unbuttoned the skirt in one quick motion.  She stood naked before us again, just as she had been in the store a few hours before.
Ashley pounced like a tiger, and put her hands all over Dominique.  She dug her hands into the silver covering her ass and started clawing.  Her hands tore at the paint and it started to crack and come off in more places.  Ashley waved me over as I gawked.

“C’mon don’t be shy!  Act like you’re skinning her!”

“Stop if you start seeing red!”  Dominique shrieked.  I took some pieces off her long legs, as Ashley worked her back.  It was fun and reminded me of peeling the skin from a sunburn, without the need of having to be careful.  Everything silver would have to go eventually.

Dominique laid on the floor, as her back was finished, and soon, only a small amount of silver remained covering her cheeks.  “You do the honors,” Ashley said, pinning Dominique’s arms to the floor.  I started clawing at her cheeks with the same intensity as Ashley had done.  “Really get in there!” Ashley cheered on.

I reached between Dominique’s legs and spread them apart, which helped in seperating her butt cheeks.  Soon all the silver was gone, and I was simply tracing my fingers over the skin, making fresh scratches into the fat, for good measure.

Dominique’s hips started to gyrate, and Ashely and I allowed her to break free, so she could lay on her now bare back.  I sat between her legs, looking over the fresh field of silver which lay before me.  Her legs were spread wide and she looked at me with a face that invited me to do whatever I wanted with her.

I started at her ankles, and grabbed hold of a piece of silver that was already a little cracked. The piece came off easily and I was able to prevent it from breaking, even as I approached her knee.  I stood up and grabbed hold of the piece and kept pulling, her skin being pulled as the adhesive which kept the silver in place released under the pressure.  I stopped at her hip, but the piece was still intact.

“Wow, you got the whole leg!” Ashley noticed.  “Keep going, see how much you can get.”

I continued to pull past the hip and the tear naturally travelled to her belly button.  I could tell it was getting thinner, but I kept pulling until the piece finally came to an end right between her breasts.  The path of skin which was now exposed made a runway that I knew my mouth would be lucky to trace with my tongue.  

“Good job, you’re a natural!”  Ashley praised.  Ashley then put both hands between Dominique’s breasts and started tearing away like a mad woman.  I went back to the other leg, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the same success on that leg.  Dominique reached up and started tearing away at something for herself, Ashley’s top, getting it up and over her head.  When it was finally off, she started kissing Ashley’s bare belly, as Ashley worked at what remained on the silver on her breasts.
I noticed Ashley’s top had come off, and I did the same, but of course, one upped her by taking my bra off with it, throwing the clothing onto the growing pile of clothing that was forming on the couch.  

I reached for Dominique’s arms and stripped off what was there.  I realized the silver on the arms were not coming off, and Dominique’s face was still silver, with a few smudges of silver on Ashley’s stomach where Dominique had planted some kisses.  “Oh,” Dominique explained, “my hands and face are just simple makeup, the body paint doesn’t work everywhere.

Eventually all the silver that could be pulled off was, except for the patch that covered her pussy.  Ashley’s bra had long been discarded and now she was pulling down her skirt to reveal polka dot panties.  She stood over Dominique and straddled her chest, kneeling carefully as not to put all her weight on her. She reached down and spread Dominique’s legs as wide as they would go, and gave me a broad smile.  “So, you can do the honors here, if I get to see what Dominique saw in the car.”

I stood up automatically and dropped my shorts, kicking them into the clothes pile.  I stood naked in their apartment for the first time, wondering what took me so long.  Our clothes were now engaged in a lewd entanglement on the couch, and I was set on recreating it with these two lovely girls.

Ashley squealed with excitement.   “No fair, I can’t see!” Dominique protested.  I dove right in to her pussy, which shut her up really quickly.  I stripped away the last of the silver that I could, and started kissing her pussy lips very carefully, as Ashley did her best to keep her legs spread and her hips in place.  Dominique was trying to buck and moan, but Ashley was going to have none of that.  My kissing turned to licks, and eventually some small playful scrapes with my teeth.  My entire mouth then securely locked over Dominique’s pussy and I could taste her juices trickle into my mouth and dribble down my chin.  In the distance, Dominique moaned extra loud, with a string of F-bombs escaping her lips, as she achieved an extra long orgasm.  In her afterglow, she sighed and said,  “Fuck me,” as her quivering pussy longed to recover.  I unhooked my lips from her pussy, knowing there was much more where that came from.  I would be getting drunk on Dominique’s juices for a long time to come.

Ashley admired my handiwork for a bit before getting off of Dominique.  She was still caked in sweat and silver makeup on her face, but she just relaxed on the carpet completely spent.  “C’mon, let’s get you to the shower,” Ashley said, pulling Dominique to her feet.  She called me over and said, “Now, we have to make sure that Dominique gets all the silver off, she’s been known to miss some spots when she does it herself.”

As Dominique made her way into the tub, Ashley asked me, “So, what do you think about a career in bodypaint removal?”

“Sure beats the greeting card game!”  Ashley slapped my ass and I followed Dominique into the tub to give her the scrubdown of her life..

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