Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Captain Lily

I was shaken awake by a loud bang, on the starboard side of the boat.  I was sleeping in my two-piece in the cabin, when the explosion happened, and through my instinctual panic and ringing ears, I wasn’t coherent enough to figure out a reasonable plan.  

I somehow stumbled to the deck, and surveyed the damage, looking for Kevin. I guess I had assumed that since the cabin was fine, everything else was too. The tattered remains of the stern told me otherwise.  There were fragments of boat spread out across the water, and no sign of Kevin anywhere.  I recoiled at the horror, and tears flooded my eyes as I realized that I was on a sinking ship, Kevin was probably dead, and I was miles from shore.

It wasn’t long before the boat was taking on water and I was fervently looking for a life boat, inflatable raft, or anything I could hang on to.  All that life vest training that the marina made us do just a few hours before as panic filled my head and I just repeated to myself “This must be a dream, this must be a dream.”

As the boat started to tip, I was more and more certain this was not a dream and I was forced to leap from the boat and into the water.  At that moment I realized my suit was not made for diving, swimming, or anything other than making my curves look good.

I swam to a large piece of debris from the stern, a piece of fiberglass that was mercifully staying afloat.  This would be my lifebuoy, and it would be my home until help arrived.  My panic-riddled mind, which had comforted me before with promises that this was all a bad dream now comforted me with promises that help would soon arrive.  I kept all contrary thoughts out of my head as I scanned the horizon for any sign of life.

About ten minutes passed and a shiny jewel appeared on the horizon.  I cried at the sight, as I thought my ordeal would be done.  This boat would help me, it just had to.  I waved as hard as I could, holding on to my little piece of fiberglass that kept me afloat.

The boat approached and a woman appeared on the deck.  I thanked the heavens for my luck and although she was a bit older, and wore some strange clothing, I considered myself saved.

“Thank you! Thank you!”  I yelled.   “Please, please, let me come aboard.”

“Of course my dear!”  she said.  She tossed me a rope and I hung on for dear life.  Her boat was an older style shrimping boat and I soon realized I was being pulled out of the water, buoy and all, in the same net that would hold hundreds of pounds of raw shrimp.   However, I didn’t care what my rescue smelled like, it smelled like sweet freedom to me.

I was gathered into the net and lowered down, a diesel powered winch pulling me aboard.  I was still encased in foul smelling ropes as I talked to what I thought was my savior.  “Thank you so much!”  I exclaimed.  “Can I use your radio?”

The woman stood at about five foot five inches and had several tufts of gray hair, streaking through a large mane.  She looked at me with piercing blue eyes, and a face full of wrinkles and an aged skin obviously kissed by the sun.  Kiss is actually too light of a term for it, the sun went to town on her face, and her whole being looked radiant with wisdom, experience, and power that came with a life spent at sea.  She was in her late fifties, with a body that was toned perfectly not through repetitive cycles on an elliptical but real work under the sun.

“Oh deary,” she said in a crackly voice.  “I have no use for radio.  I fly under my own flag.”

I looked at her mast to see what she meant.  The mast had a banner, a white table cloth with letters sewn into it which read “LILY” across.  I realized that this woman lived on this boat, and by her own rules.  “Now,” she said, “get out from under these ropes.”  She clawed at the ropes, in what I thought was an attempt to free me, but I soon realized she was clawing at too much.  Her hands were grasping not only at rope but at the string ties which held my bikini in place.

“Umm, Lily,”  I asked meekly.  “Is that your name?  You’re grabbing...”  I was cut off.

“Lily is what I call myself, you shall call me Captain!” she barked the order like a drill sergeant.  I swallowed hard.

“Yes, Captain.”  I said again, her hands still pawing at the ropes and my suit, she had already managed to untie the rear bow that kept the top in place, and I could also feel the straps that straddled my hips turn free.  I realized that as the ropes fell around me, I would be left naked on the deck.  “Captain, my suit.”

“Is now my suit!” she said with a dead serious look.  She collected the net, and separated from me, taking the suit with it in one quick motion.  I was left shocked and my hands leaped into action to preserve what modesty I had left.  “If anything gets tied up in my ropes it belongs to me!”

Tears started to well up in my eyes.  “You can’t do this!”  I cried, “We have to go back to the land, you have to...”

“Let me set you straight, Missy!”  she started.  “Back in ‘72 I was a lot like you.  Young, tight, had all the guys and some girls after me.  But now, all I have is this boat.  This goddamn boat!”

I could see pain in her eyes, and realized this scorned woman was my life preserver now.  My only ticket to freedom was to convince her to let me go, and do whatever she wanted with me.  My helplessness was the only thing I had left to offer.

“You’re right,”  I cried.  “You’re right, I’ll do whatever you want, just please take me to shore, please.”  I begged.

“Get over here and kneel,” she ordered.  I walked over still covering myself as best I could, my tears welling up in the afternoon sun.  I knelt and the Captain made me move my hands to my sides.

“Tell me you are nothing on my deck!”

“I am nothing.”  I said dejected.  I thought of my friends and family on shore, wondering if they would be missing me right now.  I thought about Kevin and if he was alive or what happened to him.  I wondered if I was to make it out of here alive.

“Do you pledge your body, mind, and soul to me?”  I thought about it, and what I was giving up.  I choked back tears, thinking of my family, friends and Kevin and said.  “Yes, Captain,” as effortlessly as I would order soup from a restaurant.  At that moment, I truly believed my life had been transformed, and I was now property of this powerful goddess.

She took me to the bow and I was in a daze.  I did not flinch or hesitate as she tied my wrists to the railing, forcing me to bend at the waist, my naked ass jutting out, presenting itself to her.  I did not react as I saw her remove the makeshift leather strap from around her waist.

“This will show you, what power is!”  she cruelly screamed.  At her final word, a large whack hit my ass, and my eyes burst into more tears.  The pain coursed through my body and I was powerless to do anything to ease my aching backside.  She dished out more swats and I flinched at each one, as I knew red marks appeared across my ass.

“Please,” I cried out in incredible pain.  “I’ll do anything for you, just stop please!”

The Captain stopped at my pleas, and remarked that she liked my offer.  “Anything is quite broad,” she said with a wide grin.  

“Please,” I cried.  “I just want to go home.”

She untied me, and lead me to her cabin, which she said would be my home for as long as she saw fit. She ordered me onto the bed, face up, which I complied with readily.  My ass burned, but I was out of objections. I saw as she removed her clothing in front of me, to reveal her own body.

It was toned and very nice looking, a nice tight package.  If she looked this good now, she must have been a knockout in 1972, I thought privately.  Although she had made me nothing, spanked me, and brought me to this room to ravish me, I was still impressed by her form.  If I was to be subjected, I was glad it was someone like her doing it.  

She also had an impressive snake tattoo, which I caught a complete glimpse of as she turned. The head started at the nape of her neck and travelled all the way down her back, wrapping around her stomach.  The snake pattern continued all the way across her stomach and down her left leg, the tail finally curling around her calf.  She turned around as I stared, admiring her whole sun-drenched body.

My mouth said nothing as it hung open.  She giggled at my expression.  “I think I have a fan.”  I was completely lost, I was thinking of nothing at this point except her body.  The events of the day had dissolved into a blur and as I laid on the bed, although the mattress was lumpy and the surroundings were dirty and rust-covered, I was in heaven.  This cabin could have been the Four Seasons, as far as my mind was concerned.

She straddled my body and I immediately responded. Not with horror or revulsion, but with lust.  Her soft lips touched mine and we kissed as though we were old time lovers.  Thoughts of the hardships that had happened throughout the day dissolved, consequences of these actions were non-existent, and my arms wrapped around this Captain, taking her entire form and wrapping it next to mine.  Our legs caressed, as they slipped together fitting like together as two lost puzzle pieces would.  I kissed her neck and traced down her tattoo, and the stinging of my beatings seemed to melt away as I kissed more.

This snake woman was captivating me completely, and just as she had delivered the pain to me, her kisses and her touch seemed to also take it away.  She was a goddess over me, molding me and creating pleasure in me that I craved deeply.  As she touched my pussy, softly and gently carressing me in ways that I thought were only known to myself, my moans turned into words and those words, with or without my permission I cannot be sure, came out as “I love you.”

She kissed me full on the lips, and did not break that sacred kiss until I came.  I laid back in pure bliss, and looked at her longingly.  She kissed me again and let my tired body rest.  

When I awoke I was back on the deck of the ship, seated on a bench, wrapped in a gray blanket.  My tired mind had not remembered the trip from her cabin to the deck, but I had obviously cooperated.  I looked around and saw that another ship, a gleaming white Coast Guard cutter docked along side.   I was naked still, but covered by the gray blanket.  

“It’s a good thing we found you on this ship,” an officer standing over me said.  “It was awful kind of this lady to help you out.”

“I do my best to help out,” Captain Lily said, her bitterness had completely evaporated from her personality.  “You’ll now go with them, they found your boyfriend too. Apparently he had taken a raft out, before your ship sank, and got himself lost.  Good thing there’s GPS.”

I was relieved but also looked to the Captain for what, I didn’t know.  

“It wouldn’t have worked,” the Captain said, carressing my cheek.  “I’m lost at sea.”

She walked away from me, and I rose to walk toward the Coast Guard ship, and my own life.  The Captain had awakened far more in me than probably she ever intended, and I would be forever grateful.  In the choppy waters which lay ahead, she would be my buoy, guiding my way home.  


  1. Welcome to Wank Wednesday....with a very sexy piece which leaves one wondering if she did really go back to her life or join Lily on hers...