Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cold Pizza, Part One

Cameron was our newest delivery driver, hired just a few days before, and he was already M.I.A.  There were two completed pizzas waiting for pickup, getting cold, and no Cameron.  It was already after closing, the cooks had all left, and I just wanted to get home.  With a sigh, I looked at the addresses on the boxes and realized that they were on my way home, and it looked like I was going to have to fill in for our soon-to-be-fired delivery driver.  He, of course, had the electronic unit to take credit cards, so I hoped that both of these customers had cash and hopped in the car.

“Again, with the deliveries,” I sighed, putting on a spare delivery cap, pulling my ponytail through the back.  The smell of the pizzas wafted through the vents of my car as I pulled out of the parking lot.  I was supposed to be past this, at this point in my life.  I knew that night manager in a pizza parlor wasn’t my life-long ambition, but truthfully, at twenty-five, a bachelor of arts in film studies, and a mountain of student debt, I really didn’t have any clue as to what that ambition should or could be.  But I knew that chasing after a twenty-one year old college burnout to do his damn job, that he had been given just days before, wasn’t one of them.

I seethed in anger as I approached the first house, pizza in hand.  I knocked on the door, and a mother answered, children screaming behind her.  She sighed at my arrival, and I knew I was late.

“Sorry,” I apologized.  “A driver didn’t show.”

She laughed and said, “Well, at least you made it,” and of course she handed over her credit card.  

“Tell you what, it’s late, so it’s on the house,” I offered, knowing there was no point in begging for cash at this point.  She smiled broadly at this and said, “Well, aren’t you the sweetest!  Have a good night!”  She took the pizza and closed the door.

I pulled out my phone and dialed Cameron, once again getting his voicemail.  “You cost us a sale, you jerk!”  I yelled as a message and ended the call.  Although I couldn’t fire him on the spot, I knew his number was up.

I arrived at the second customer’s place, an apartment down the road.  I prayed again for cash, hoping that I wouldn’t have to account for two free pizzas.  At this point, I would gladly pay for both myself, if it meant that Cameron would be gone the next day.  The door opened and a short-haired brunette girl answered the door.  “Hmm,” she said, “this is quite late.”

“Sorry,” I said.  “Fifteen, fifty-three please.”  She handed over the cash, which was mercifully exact change.  At that moment, my phone rang and I picked it up.  Curiously, the brunette carefully placed the pizza down on her kitchen table, and picked up her purse as if she was ready to leave.  Instead of closing the door, she just waited patiently while I took the call.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Jess,”  Cameron’s voice on the other hand replied.  “I know you’re mad, but can we talk?”

“I don’t know if there’s much to talk about, Cameron,” I replied.  “I just had to give away a free pizza, and just finished up a second one of YOUR deliveries.”

“I know, I know, I screwed up,” Cameron said.  “But the girl in front of you now is about to make it up to you.”

I looked a bit nervously at the girl, who was wearing a short little summer dress, and was waiting with her purse, looking like she was about to go with me somewhere.  “What?” I asked.  “How the hell is she...”

The girl took that as a cue and raised the hem of her dress slowly.  My eyes widened as she turned to the side and exposed the rest of her leg, to reveal she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.  She bit her lip as the dress travelled up, and I saw the shapely curve of her ass, and her hip came into full view.

“Oh my God, Cam, what the hell?”  I turned away from the girl to concentrate on the phone call. “You really think this kind of shit will make up for what you did?”

“Listen, listen, I know you’re mad, but here’s what you can do.  You can take the girl to where I am right now, and we can have some fun, or you can take the address I’ve just sent to your phone right now and come on over and yell at me.  Your call.”

“I think I’ll choose number two, see you soon!” I yelled.

I turned around and the girl had composed herself.  “So, I guess you’re in on this too?” I asked. She nodded.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Kayla,” she said.

“Well, I guess you need a ride to where Cameron is?”  I offered.  I was so angry that I was ready to explode, and so I wouldn’t turn down Cameron’s offer to yell at him.

Kayla jumped out of the door frame excitedly and locked her own door.  From the way her body moved, I from flashes of skin that erupted from her summer dress, I could see that she wasn’t wearing a thing under her dress, neither on top or down below.

“This doesn’t make us friends.” I warned as we walked to my car.  
“Of course not,” she said with a large smile.  “In fact, I’ll stay in the back the whole time, and not say a thing.”

She climbed into the back and moved to the seat behind the passenger seat.  Her dress rode up, and as I got into the driver’s seat, I saw that she intentionally rode it up her thigh.  Her ass was almost exposed completely, and she crossed her legs to tease me even more.

“So, what do you have with Cameron?” I asked as we drove.

“He likes to give me challenges,” she said.  “I thought you were just the chauffeur.”

“I am, I am.” I reminded myself.  As we drove I kept looking back and every time it seemed there was more that Kayla was pushing.  The dress got pushed up, a button on top was undone, a strap was carelessly slipped off the shoulder.

“If you keep looking back, you’ll get into an accident,” she warned.

“I’m sorry,” I said, trying to concentrate.  It was at that moment I realized that I was driving in circles, not getting any closer to the address which had been sent to my phone.  “You’re a little hard to keep my eyes off.”

“Well, that’s some progress,” she said.  “So, interested in girls?”

“A little,” I gulped.  I looked back and saw that the straps of her dress had been unbuttoned and released.  She then pushed the top of the dress down, exposing her shapely breasts.   She had a body that was begging to be licked, and she was looking directly at me, daring me to make the next move.  “So, should I just take the car back to your place?” I asked.

“Aren’t you mad at Cameron?” she asked.

“Yes, but I can yell at him anytime, I think I need you tonight.”

Kayla pushed her dress down further and raised her ass off the seat.  This was my cue and I pulled into a dark road with only a few houses on it, where I knew we could have some privacy.  Kayla kicked off the rest of her dress, and lounged sexily in the back seat.  “Mmm,” she said, “I guess we won’t make it back to my place.”

I opened the driver’s door and quickly climbed in the back.  Kayla lunged for me, gripping the back of my head and hungrily kissing my face.  Her hands quickly made waste of my shirt, tearing it down the middle instead of taking it off me.  The jeans were peeled down my legs, and I had the feeling that the only reason she didn’t tear those were because of the durable material.  She planted kisses on my neck and pulled greedily at the straps of my bra.  Her frustrated hands never found the snaps, and it was flung into the driver’s seat once it was freed from me.  Finally, my panties met the same fate as my shirt, ripped and torn into a now useless lump of cotton.  

I had no breath left to protest, and I gripped my legs like a vice around Kayla’s waist.  We had little room to move in the backseat, but our bodies found a natural rhythm together, and I felt our pussies finally meet in a surprising sloppy kiss.  My body was pinned beneath Kayla and I let her have free reign over my entire being as I shut my eyes to feel every move of this angel.

Her mouth shifted down and found my neck and breasts, while using her leg on my pussy which had been made wet by the kiss of our mouths, and the contact our own juices had made at the start.  She found a nipple and bit and pulled and tugged, and I moaned loudly.  I never wanted her to stop, and I knew she was tugging my breasts up much further than had ever been done to me before.  I arched my back up and opened my eyes, just to show Kayla that they were starting to roll back.

She planted another kiss on my mouth and firmly grabbed my pussy.  I squirmed and squealed in delight, my tongue dancing with hers, our saliva mixing.  I realized I was about to come myself, and I decided that I didn’t want her hand to do it.  I pushed her hand away and pulled her ass down, so our pussies met again in another tantalizing kiss.  Each time our labia met, I moaned a bit louder, letting her know I was close.  She grabbed my ass up, and I arched again, and I started to shake, as I felt a familiar quiver within her.  My pussy started spasming and started flowing even more juices as I came, and I was overcome with joy at the thought that Kayla herself, as she felt my pussy climax, was coming herself to that same climax.  We came and moaned together and for an instant we were the only people on Earth.

She collapsed on top of me, and we panted together, exhaustion overtaking us.  She kissed me on the cheek and asked cheerfully, “So, can we go on to Lydia’s?”

“Who?” I asked.

“That’s where Cameron is, silly, he’s not that bad of a delivery guy.”

I sighed.  I certainly did not have enough anger left to lay into Cameron tonight, and if Lydia was anything like Kayla, Cameron’s job was completely safe.  I collected what was left of my shirt and put it on backwards, just so I was covered.  I clamored into the driver’s seat, revved the engine and we continued on our journey.

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