Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Book Excerpt 3

Another short excerpt from my longer work for tonight, a new short story should be live for tomorrow.  I'm going to dinner with some friends tonight, so hopefully that won't impact my production schedule.


Most of the cars we passed, luckily were lower than ours, so I was saved from being too exposed.  I did notice that Hayley drove precariously close to some big rigs, and if they had been looking, they would have seen my bare leg for certain.  Of course, it was dark, and so even if they had seen something, it was reasonable to assume it to be something else.

As we pulled into the parking lot, I scanned the surrounding area for signs of life.   Sure enough, there was a pretty clear path of darkness that lead to her staircase, which lead directly to her front door.  Additionally, the pool was almost deserted and so we had this patch of the commons area to ourselves, as long as the people in the pool didn’t look up too much.  

Hayley parked in her spot and bounded out of the car giddy with excitement.  I remember thinking that she looked like a little girl excited about her new puppy, and then quickly came to the realization that I was the puppy.  She came around to the passenger door and opened it up, a slight breeze of warm June air came through.

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