Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cold Pizza, Part Two

We arrived at a house in a nice part of town, and I was shocked to see how regal it looked.  Our pizza joint served the lower scale houses and apartment complexes of our little college town, and we were almost never called to deliver to a house such as this.  I must have been the one to write down this address for Cameron when he was sent to deliver, but it just didn’t register with me at the time just how far away and rich this location really was.

“Is this it?” I asked, double-checking the map on my phone.

“Sure is!” Kayla answered.  She had quickly slipped her dress back on while I drove, and with my seduction complete, maintained her state of dress for the entire trip.  “Lydia married up.”  Kayla jumped out of the car giddy with excitement.  She made it half-way up the steps to the front door, before she realized I wasn’t with her.  I still had the problem of having no pants,  I had not collected them before I slipped back into the driver’s seat after Kayla and I were done.  I desperately trying to reach my jeans which were just out of arm’s reach for me from my position in the car, but they were perched behind the headrests of the rear passenger seats.  I was looking quite ridiculous, mooning the empty streets of this rich neighborhood, while kneeling in the driver’s seat.

Kayla skipped back down the steps and was giggling a bit at my predicament.  “I love the shirt,” she said, teasing me and not helping.  Thanks to her tearing, my t-shirt was ruined down the front, but putting it on backwards at least kept me covered for the ride.

“Can you please help?” I pleaded.  “I don’t want to have to leave the car bottomless.”

“Tell ya what,” she offered.  “I’ll help you.”  With that she opened the car door, and I was greeted with a cool draft air.  I instinctively covered my pussy and crossed my legs, maintaining my modesty.

“C’mon, there’s nobody here, you can be quick.”

“No!” I protested.  Kayla could see that while she was quite persuasive with me before, she didn’t have enough time now.  She wanted to get inside as soon as possible, Lydia was waiting.

“Ok, ok,” she said.  “But you have to trust me,” she grabbed my wrist and guided me up, taking me out of the car.  Her intent stare encouraged me on, and I complied, but still scared out of my mind that someone would see.  When I was on my feet, feeling the lukewarm asphalt beneath, she slipped her purse off her shoulder, and around my neck.  It dangled low enough to cover me, although my whole backside was exposed.  “See?”

I sighed, knowing this was the best she could do, without actually helping me.  “Ok, I said, just keep behind me.”

“With pleasure!”  We walked up the steps, me barefoot and half-naked, and Kayla behind me liberally goosing me at almost every step.  The first time I jumped, but as I got immune to further pinches and pulls, her fingers got more invasive. By the time we had made it to the top steps, she had a finger lodged between my ass cheeks, which I knew was about to probe further.  “Ring the door bell,” she ordered.

I did as she requested and she started probing my ass deeply.  I was mildly panicked that this was the wrong house, and just some sort of sick game between Cameron, Lydia, and Kayla to humiliate me completely.  My fears vanished when a tall woman with platinum blond hair, sparkling blue eyes, around 40 answered the door.  She was also completely naked.

Of course she didn’t recognize me, but could see Kayla behind me, preoccupied with something.  I put on a brave face, but my wincing must have given away what was happening behind me.   “Kayla,” she scolded, “What are you hiding back there?”

“Nuffin,” she said sweetly.  She then turned me around to reveal to Lydia exactly what she already probably knew.  She smacked my ass hard, producing an echo that reverberated across the neighborhood.  My head darted back and forth praying that nobody heard it and that we could quickly get inside.

“You work fast!” Lydia praised Kayla.  “Come on in, pizza girl, you’ve been through enough.”

I  walked inside, not knowing what to expect, but still in awe of the place.  The foyer was large and a regal staircase lead up to the second floor landing, while a crystal chandelier hung brilliantly from above.  The house was modern, but still was accented perfectly with art that showed the owner had quite sophisticated tastes.  If Lydia had not answered the door naked, or if I didn’t know what Kayla did not have on under her dress, I would have felt dreadfully under-dressed for a mansion like this.

Kayla confiscated her purse from me immediately, and Lydia looked down at my pussy, licking her lips.  “Cameron certainly didn’t tell me you were so edible!”  I blushed deeply, not knowing what to do next, frozen by fear and being so much on display.  I had had sex in cars before, but the aftermath was never like this.  Kayla and Lydia seemed to be in control of this madcap dream, and I was just along for the ride.  Lydia reached out and grabbed the collar of my shirt, effortlessly discarding it on the marble floor.  

“There we are,” she said, pleased.  Kayla then returned her hand to my ass crack, probing away again.  I was too distracted at the sight of Lydia and my own nakedness to put up any sort of fight any longer.  I was under their complete control.

“Kayla,” Lydia asked, “why do you always insist on the butt?” Lydia stepped close enough for me to feel her breath escaping as she spoke.  “When these lips are always much tastier,” Lydia said as she started stroking my pussy lips, which had started to get wet again thanks to the walk up the steps, my nervousness from the sudden exhibition of my body, and the magic that Kayla was doing to my ass.  Lydia teased my clit, and I was transported again.  I just didn’t care that both these women were strangers, and Cameron’s failures that night were a distant foggy memory.  I grasped Lydia’s shoulders to brace myself and keep from collapsing as both these women worked me from both directions.

I started planting kisses on Lydia, but she stopped my lips from making contact with any part of her magnificent figure.  She continued to stroke my pussy lips and clit, bringing me to the precipice but never allowing me release.  “Pizza girl, do you want me?”

My face must have been a sight to look at at that moment.  Of course, I wanted her, I would have had to be made of stone not to.  Everything that I had experienced tonight, including my time with Kayla in the car, I now realized was just foreplay for this moment.  “Yes,” I said.  “Please.”

She smiled broadly.  “Ok, but first, you have to do something you may not like right off the bat.”

My hips were grinding against Kayla’s fingers and Lydia’s palms.  I had been downgraded to the role of putty in the hands of these two.  “Anything you want,” I agreed.  

“Perfect,” she exclaimed.  Kayla let go, and Lydia’s own hand stopped, leaving me in a frustrating disatisfaction.  She and Lydia each hooked their arm around one of mine, and led me down a long narrow hallway, and to a hottub, where Cameron sat gazing up at the stars.

“See, told you so,” Lydia said.  “We can get anyone to do anything.”

They didn’t tell me outright, but I knew what I was expected to do, and it was sitting a few feet from me below the bubbling frothy water.  I was lead into the tub and I slipped in, Cameron’s eyes wide as I sank , shoulder deep into the frothy water.  Although I had been turned on by only women this evening, the prospect of having Cam was also getting me excited.  I was by no means a full lesbian, and capping off this night with a nice warm cock was very tempting.

I scooted over next to Cam and saw that he had nothing on.  “Jess, are you sure?”  I just nodded and grasped his cock which was already rock hard.  Lydia slipped in to the water, and Kayla slipped off her dress and joined.  They grabbed at all my limbs, and decided to use the control that I was freely giving to them.  As Lydia teased my nipples, Kayla teased my clit, and my quick short breathing started up again.  In the weightlessness of the water, I floated on a cloud, and was being pushed, with legs spread, toward the seat that Cameron occupied.  I had no way to stop this process, it was a foregone conclusion that the dirty minds of Lydia and Kayla had worked out with almost evil precision, but at the same time, there was no will left in me to stop it.  To be denied Cameron now would be most disappointing to me and my aching pussy.

I felt the tip of his cock rub against, my lips and Kayla and Lydia pushed me down.  It fit so perfectly, and I gasped as my pussy greedily grabbed hold of Cameron’s member.  Lydia and Kayla worked as a seamless team, pushing and pulling me, making  Cameron himself moan with pleasure.  My mind briefly thought about the morning after, the reprecussions of this act, but I quickly discarded it.   My lust had completely taken over my better judgement, and I rode Cameron as if he were my long lost lover.  Kayla’s and Lydia’s hands suddenly left my body, and I continued to fuck Cameron.  We found a natural rhythm and I wrapped my arms around his neck, planting a warm kiss on his lips.

Just as had happened in the car with Kayla and the foyer with Lydia, the rest of the world melted away, and it was just Cameron and I left, surrounded by bubbling pool of water.  We kissed passionately, and with no prompting.  His lips found my nipples and I offered them to him as he sucked and bit lightly.  I sighed and moaned loudly, wanting to make sure his cock stayed hard and within me for as long as possible.  “Oh God, oh God,” I panted, as I felt a familiar stirring that started in my clit and radiated through my pussy lips and into me.

Lydia reached around me and dove a hand downwards to gently rub my clit, tossing me over the edge.  I climaxed hard, my pussy pulsating around Cameron’s probing cock and I screamed out until there was no air left in my body.  I arched my back, and continued to come in waves, encouraged by Cameron’s hips and Lydia’s hands.  

Kayla then reached down and stroked Cameron’s balls, and that was way too much for the poor guy. This sent him over the edge for him, and as I regained my breath, I felt Cameron release deep inside me, his cock pulsating in waves as his semen flooded my pussy, which responded automatically by greedily pulsating around it.  I hugged the exhausted Cameron, and we kissed more, as I felt his member soften within me and slowly inch its way out.  We must have been kissing each other in our afterglow for quite some time, because when we finally broke our kiss and broke apart, Kayla and Lydia were on the other side of the hot tub, nibbling at each other playfully.

Completely exhausted, we soaked in the hot tub, looking up at the twinkling stars of a beautiful night.  Kayla, of course, with her boundless energy emerged fully nude from the tub and toweled off.  She walked over to the table, where a familiar pizza box lay, and picked up a slice.  “Hey!” she yelled.  “What kind of pizza people are you? This is cold!”

I sat on Cameron’s lap, as he put his arms around me, and we were both quite content with delivering cold pizza like that for a long while.

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